November 19, 2010

wish me luck (and oxygen as I hyperventilate)

I'm leaving tomorrow to drop William off with my sister in Arizona (panic attack #7) and then I'm flying to NYC to meet up with David and his family for almost a week! Some thoughts:
good luck, Alice! he loves toilet paper these days.
1. I hope I can chill out about my sweet baby being across the country for five nights and enjoy this trip. I have a habit of being a major bummer when I'm away from someone I love. When I went to Europe with my family right before David and I got engaged, my mom had to remind me several times to be happy and grateful that I was in Europe even though I missed him so much. Don't get me wrong though, I'm really excited for this trip and grateful that my sister is willing to take care of him so we can stay out late, do what we want and spend time together.

2. The last time I was in New York was when I lived in Boston. My boyfriend at the time and I drove up to New Jersey to stay with Christian and Stephanie (back when she was Gracie J. Brunswick). Christian made us yummy grilled salmon and we ate it outside while the girls danced around in their underwear on the black and white tile floor. The next day Phil and I made our way into the city and I had my first (and last) experience with driving around downtown NYC . . . nightmare, but exciting.

3. I'm really excited for Thanksgiving dinner at No.7 in Brooklyn. I'm told that they seat everyone at one big table, just like a real Thanksgiving dinner. Should be interesting!

4. I recently bought a new coat (even though I already have six in my closet that I never have an occasion to wear), two scarves, rabbit fur gloves, new walking shoes and a few sweaters just for this trip to colder weather. It better be freezing or I'll be ticked!

5. Harry Potter. I can't stop thinking about it. I'm so excited to see it in New York City (but I'd see it anywhere).


  1. is that Phil Arias??? He grew up in my ward. It's a small small small small world. :)

  2. OOOOOOOOH I am so jealous. have fun have fun have fun. Go get some frozen hot chocolate at serendipity and a new purse in china town...pathetic that I live through people vicariously. lol.


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