September 10, 2010


Do you remember my best college friend in the whole universe, my dear Mitch? Well, M married S a couple of years ago and that marriage has been a wonderful collaberation of creativity - she's been making her own lovely jewelry for a while now. M has always been the creative type and it thrilled me to no end to hear how happy she was to be marrying an artistic, creative guy.
one of my favorites of their engagement pics.
It wasn't until S started up his own website that I truly got a sense of just how talented he is (don't worry, he just designed and made their baby's crib. No big deal.) I called M one day on my way to the zoo to tell her about my revelation.

me: So, I just looked at S's website and I'm floored. His portfolio is so professional! Who knew that he was so creative and talented?
her: Um . . . me (except she probably wasn't that snarky cause she's like the nicest person ever).

Anyway, the really awesome news is that these two lovebirds have now collaberated again to create a new website: Twig Creative. Check it out!

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  1. oh my goodness, i love you. why haven't i talked to you forever? are you really coming here next month? please say yes. oh and i always love your posts...about me of course ;o) you're so clever and witty and they make me laugh. thanks for the shout out...and now off to calling you...well after j goes down for a nap...and i get some raspberries picked. love you again.


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