September 13, 2010

I've been looking so long at these pictures of you

A couple of weeks ago Marcus and Ashley came to stay with us so they could take their "wedding photos". They had originally intended to take them the day before the wedding but the ship they wanted to take their pictures on was in another location that weekend. So, instead their awesome photographer, Wes Johnson, made a special trip down here so he could take them after the wedding. I say - take whatever chance you can to wear your wedding dress again and pose in it!

These are my favorites of the shoot. They are both such beautiful people don't you think? And Wes is an amazing photographer. He also took my older brother's wedding photos and they are amazing as well. I love that the style of photography right now is like a magazine spread. It feels luxurious, you know?
P.S. Ashley has a blog now. She submitted this post to our family newsletter and had us all in stitches. She's definitely a great addition to the Nielson family!

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  1. Well well well, i opened my blog stats this afternoon and saw that my numbers had jumped from some 40 views to 3,558! The shoot was so fun, thanks for playing with us while we were there!


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