September 23, 2010

a little boy space

Decorating and redecorating is a sort of disease for me. I am never fully satisfied with what I have going on in my house and constantly need to change it up. My poor husband is really patient and doesn't complain when my entire stash of fabric is strewn across our bedroom floor for weeks while I attempt to make a crib bumper (not easy). Anyway, I am finally happy with it (for now)! 
the pint-size crib alcove. perfect amount of space.

I felt like William was outgrowing the soft blue, newborn baby feel in his nursery (here's what it looked like before). He is turning into a little boy and I want him to feel like he can have fun in his bedroom. So, with that in mind, I removed his crib bumper and started to make my own out of this adorable polka dot fabric using this tutorial (though I didn't follow it to a tee). I also made the crib skirt using this tutorial from Young House Love, which is so way totally awesome.

these black out curtains have changed my life.

Poster above bed from the cute Eva Paul Petite shop.
Letters are mostly from Anthropologie.
Lamps from IKEA which I painted and added trim.
mom: this is where you can sleep if you come visit me.
One of the challenges of this room is that it serves a double purpose as a nursery and a guest room. Luckily I had a birthday coupon from Anthropologie and purchased these shams for the bed (and I already had the rest of the bedding - including that awesome quilt my sister-in-law made).

Remember this barn painting I did a couple of years ago? I'm gladf I kept it! It feels so much more cheery now!


  1. aw it looks so cute! A much brighter you! :-) love the shams! I have been looking for some but can't find any I really love. I guess I just might have to resort to anthro haha.

  2. What color curtains did you order from that site? Are they the sky blue ones?

  3. The room looks so great Liz! I am really impressed that you made a new bumper and skirt - I love that chevron skirt fabric!

  4. The room looks super awesome. That's one classy baby living there. Oh, and I'm pretty sure you and my wife share the same disease. It seems there is no cure but it seems to go into a short recession after she rearranges furniture or has refinished some old dresser.

  5. I LOVE your taste Liz! It turned out so darling!!!

  6. This looks beautiful! I love non-themed rooms for babies and kids.

  7. or a bed for me right, totally love it

  8. i'm so glad google analytics led me to your blog! i've really enjoyed reading it (and seeing my ABC print on your wall, of course)
    <3 kirsten

  9. Hi! I just found your blog and love it! You have such great style! I am in love with that polka dot bumper! Where did you find that fabric? LOVE!

  10. I haven't looked at your blog in a while but I've been waiting to see your nursery and it's sooo adorable! I envy your good taste. You should come visit soon at our house! I want to wait until I've had time to make it "cute" to show people, but I'm realizing that's going to take months if not years! Miss you : )


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