September 8, 2010

dream job

prunes without limits.
We went to dinner last night and I had to laugh when I saw two young, single guys watching in horror as William dropped grain after grain of rice onto the floor (followed by all our utensils and plates). The table next to them sat a couple with a screaming toddler and an overtired infant who quickly shoveled their dinner down so they could leave. The table next to us was full of a family of four children, including a helmet-clad infant who was throwing a temper tantrum about his pacifier. I chuckled as I imagined that these two guys' conversation must have included the phrase "I'm so glad I don't have kids".

As David and I ate dinner (and in between spoonfuls for William) we talked about those childless men and about how being a parent is really tiring. When you look at our situation from the outside, it seems like an awful thing. But the joke's on them because the reality is that we wouldn't trade the food messes or the loud banging of plastic plates on the floor for anything. Being a parent really does require a great sense of humor to laugh at all the things that drive you crazy (like William's new favorite trick of dropping everything and watching me pick it up).

And then David left a generous tip for whoever got to pick up the grains of sticky rice all over the floor. That is a job I don't envy!


  1. First of all, love the new blog header :).
    I had to laugh at this post, I remember the days of going out to dinner with a little one so well but I have to admit I'm happy mine are now "grown up" and we can go out and have a decent conversation with them. We'll soon be going back to the baby stage though as my daughter's baby is due in November - can't wait!!

  2. Being a parent is wonderful and I would never give it up for anything, but wait until you are all alone on a much needed trip to the grocery store and you have a one year old screaming in your cart because they are tired and it is way past their bedtime and you can't for the life of you find their pacifier. To add to the mess your three year old decides that they don't want to stay next to you and they take off to who knows where, realizing that you can't chase them with your cart full of groceries you have to just leave your cart, grab your baby in one arm and then try to hold your toddler by the hand with your free arm all while they are turing into dead weight and screaming that they want a treat. By the time you get up to the front to pay for your items you notice that everyone is staring at you in discust rather than trying to help you. To top it off you realize as you finally get to your car your baby has had a major poopy diaper and is now leaking all over you and the cart. Then as soon as you think you have cleaned things up and have your kids buckled in their carseats and the gorceries in the back your toddler declares they have to go pee RIGHT NOW! Back into the store you go to help them on and off the big potty with a baby on your hip. Finally you get home and attempt to try and fold some laundry and pick up your disaster of a house, but as soon as you pick up a room you turn around to see the kids have destroyed it again.You also realize the door to the bathroom is closed and the light is on, you open it to see your one your old throwing her toys in the toilet and bobing them up and down. You put the kids in the bath and after you have scrubbed them up and look like a drowned rat from all the splashing you think you have finally got things under control. Then your husband comes home from work and asks, I thought you went to the store, whats for dinner?" Followed by, "did you even get a hower today?"
    Sounds funny now, but on days like one of mine I have just shared I realize how easy it was with only one child. Cherish those moments for they will soon be gone. Its a good thing I have good days with my girls too and that I love them more than life itself. Otherwise I might be putting them up for sale! Not only do you have to have humor as a parent but you also have to be able to let it out and cry at the end of the day sometimes and feed your famly cereal for dinner. It helps to get it out, take a deep breathe and welcome a new day of challenges. If you hold in how frusterating it can be at times, it will only give you a headache. I don't blame people looking in from the outside to be scared to have kids. It is life changing and is very hard at times. I am happy I have a husband who lets me complain about my day and cry in his arms when I feel like giving up. I am also greatful for my girls that seem to finally realize when I have had a hard day that I love their hugs and kisses all the more and my little toddler's voice when she says, "I'm sorry for being naughty mommy, I love you so much!" Followed by, "Can I have a popsicle now?"

  3. It's so true-- all of the messes and tantrums are so worth the hugs, kisses and everything else!! :)

  4. oh I remember those wonderfully tiring days...but I am happy they are over and I get to TALK to my children now....and I always made sure to pick up the grains of rice before we left :)

  5. So true! I love being a parent and wouldn't go back to those single days for ANYTHING!

  6. I so agree....and it took me a while to realize this but life just wouldn't be as interesting, loving, humorous, or entertaining without children!

  7. I am so glad you wrote this post today and I read it, as I just had one of those days where I was wondering if I am the only mom with a "fussy" toddler... and then you reminded me that its just part of the whole wonderful deal :)

    BTW, I came to your blog via nienie a couple of months ago and I really enjoy it. Its lovely.

    [I keep a blog as well at anurbangirl@blogspot should you like to come or a visit :)]


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