August 19, 2010

pioneer woman

ah, you beautiful serger you.
While at the ranch we did lots of crafts. It's something we do every year to pass the dusty, sleepy afternoons in the ranch house. It's about the time when the babies are napping, the men take long quad rides up to the mesa until dinner, the teenagers sit down to a game of Take Two with a tub of Red Vines and a straggler or two hunkers down in the living room reading nook to take a nap.
distracted by a phone call announcing the birth of my newest niece.
This year my sister, Alice, bought a zillion t-shirts at the thrift store and we cut them up to use for embellishments to yoga pants to skirts. It was a lot of fun and in between feeding William, cleaning William, holding William and putting William down for naps I managed to create a couple of things. How? I don't know. Well, actually I do. I have awesome teenage nieces who love my baby. Yea!
before: the t-shirt scraps for my skirt.
after: the skirt finished!
before: plain ol' white tee.
after: embellished newish white tee!
Alas the yoga pants I made wouldn't even fit my 90 pound niece. Oh well. However, the pattern worked for my sister and sister-in-law so it can be done! There are so many great tutorials for this kind of thing online. Everyone's an expert! Here are a few that I think are great:

T-shirt(s) into a skirt (look past the example fabric)
Ruffled t-shirt (though I love this tutorial too)


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