July 6, 2010

go see do: f is for freedom

Whew! This weekend was packed full of activity and it worked perfectly with our "Go See Do" project, which was conveniently "F" this week.

The first thing we did was head to the Embarcadero Farmer's Market in Little Italy on Saturday morning. My first stop was to look at the pretty flowers. I adore fresh flowers and I really wanted to buy a few bunches of these brilliant lilacs but I resisted.

I bought a panini from my favorite panini stand which David and I shared as we browsed the market merchandise. This panini is delicious - proscuitto, tomato, basil and gruyere. I almost lost my appetite though when two dogs barfed right in front of the stand while I was waiting for the cute French guys to press my sandwich. Then the dog owners asked for a cup so they could scoop up the vomit. Gag. People and their dogs . . . Sorry if I just made you sick.

I love living close to a Farmer's Market, especially when the weather is lovely and it's in close proximity to the ocean. William was too interested in two little dogs playing in front of us to smile for this picture.

David's parents arrived Saturday night and we had a little BBQ at our place. On Sunday morning David and I went to church while his parents and sisters staked out our fireworks viewing spot on Coronado Island. We did lots of fun things all weekend but one of the best moments was standing as a congregation at church and singing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" with such conviction. I felt such pride as I sang through my thankful tears. I love America.

Thanks to David's family we got a wonderful spot to view the fireworks. In fact, it was exactly the same spot as last year (I think our bum imprints were still visible). We laid out several blankets and William entertained us all for a while by crawling around and exploring the world.

Eventually we took a few pictures (isn't he so cute in that hat?)

And then we had a delicious dinner of Flatbread with grilled chicken and flank steak, greens, tomatoes, kalamata olives, Tzatziki, feta, hummus, tabbouleh salad and some angel food cake with berries for dessert. Mmmm. I'm so glad we have leftovers in the fridge.

Then we played a few rounds of Phase 10 while we anxiously awaited the fireworks and William tried really hard to get the cards.

Luckily, William had a short nap before the fireworks started so he wasn't terribly freaked out by the noise, though his lip did quiver once or twice. I think it will be a few years before he likes them.

Our last F activity was today when David and I decided to go old school style and build a fort.

It has been years since I've built and fort and, let me tell you, it's not as fun as I remember. I was really jazzed to do it but after I pulled all the blankets out and started trying to get them to hold up into a fort-like shape, I started thinking, "I have to clean this up when we're done." So we did a pretty crummy job, then David took a nap while I watched an episode of Barefoot Contessa and then we took it down and went to the mall. My, how my life has changed!!

I loved having David home all weekend. It was such a treat. Holidays don't come often enough!


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  2. "People and their dogs"? At least they cleaned it up!

  3. Katie - I meant no disrespect. I guess I should have clarified by saying "THESE people and their dogs". If you're going to feed both your dogs some fruit pops from a local stand, you should expect them to barf it up a few minutes later. Anyway, I am VERY grateful they were responsible owners and cleaned up after them.

  4. I love William's sweater...where did you find that?

  5. What a fun fourth of July!! Looks like you guys really enjoyed yourselves... I especially love that you built a fort! Parker would have loved that! He loves to crawl under things like tables, desks, chairs, etc. so we will have to try that! :)

  6. Britty - thanks! His sweatshirt is from Old Navy clearance a couple of months ago.

  7. Aw, I didn't think you were being disrespectful! I thought it was funny. I'm sorry it seemed that way. It sounds like you had fun, though, dog vomiting aside!

  8. Had to laugh at the dog part...I live in Little Italy and I must say, I don't love the dogs at the Farmer's Market (though, I'm guessing the dog owners say the same thing about my stroller)! I'm so glad I didn't make it to the market last week to see the barfing dogs :)

  9. That is a beautiful painting - who is the artist? Also, I adore the yellow quilt. I collect old ones myself!

  10. came across your blog via nie nie...first of all, love the wedding invite of your bro and future sis in law...and her "moon" response...too funny.
    so, you have fam in st. johns? me too! distant...but we would have our HEAP family reunion's there when i was little and i'd see them. anyway, think it's kinda fun finding little connections in blogland.

  11. I second the beautiful painting comment, and would also love to know the artist. :)


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