July 8, 2010

eight months

My baby is eight months old. He is slowly becoming less and less of a baby and it is so sad. My mother-in-law said to me yesterday, "You'll be amazed at how you love your 30-year-old son as much as you love him when he's a baby." I suppose that's true but it's too hard to think about when he's my little peanut who snuggles up to me in the middle of the night.

At this point he is:
Sporting two very sharp bottom teeth (and we're suspicious that the two top ones are growing).
Saying "dada" (and said "mama" once or twice) but not "at" anyone in particular.
Becoming interested in books (finally).
Practicing using his pinchers to get Cheerios off his highchair.

People comment on:
How fast he crawls and how easily he can stand up and walk with assistance.
Red hair (still).
How tall he is (97%).
His combined "mixed" resemblances of Mom and Dad (usually who ever is holding him).


  1. I love his red hair and brown eyes. What a beautiful combination.

  2. I am a redhead...it won't ever stop. :)

  3. Oh goodness...the red hair thing will never end. Trust me :)

  4. He's a yummy baby... I bet you eat him up all day long! ;)

  5. Oh, those eyes! He is so precious! You take such beautiful pictures of your sweet little boy!

  6. I LOVE that he has your enormous, rich brown eyes. Probably my favorite part. So cute!


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