June 14, 2010

a zoo trip

The last time I took William to the zoo he was like, "Meh." He didn't care so much about the giraffes that were like 10 feet away from him. He was more interested in the fence surrounding the giraffes - purely because it was closer. That was a few months ago. My friends decided to head to the zoo last week so I went along since I really don't like going by myself.
It was a perfect day for zoo-ing. Overcast, cool and not too crowded. We got to most of the exhibits when the animals were out and/or feeding. That means we strolled along with male peacocks strutting their stuff and saw peacock babies. I died over the adorable baby hippos that were right up against the glass but then someone told me that they are actually dwarf hippos (I'm still pretending they're babies). Then we saw a zookeeper feed a large, meaty bone to a cheetah which was really cool. We got pretty lucky today. William even gazed at the black bears who were taking a dip in their exhibit waterfall. Super cute.

Sometimes when I look at pictures like this one I wonder how many shots I have been in of others' posed ones. I'm sure there are quite a few uglies out there. Speaking of which, have you seen this crazy story? This would blow my mind if it were me.


  1. Cute picture! One time a friend and I were looking at pictures about 10 year older from when I went to summer camp. We didn't know each other then. And we saw her in the background of one of my photos. It was so cool!

  2. There is a little girl in a stroller behind you in the picture... maaaaybe.

    Cute post. I love that you were 'still pretending' that the dwarf hippos were babies. LOL

  3. Okay in this picture with lil Willams eyes more squinty he looks a lot like David! It's the 1st time I really can see it. Cute pic! I wish I could have come that day too :( (I really need to renew my passes) That story you posted is so crazy! Makes me want to go through olds photos right now.

  4. What a fun day! I almost typed my mom's exact comment! ha ha! Maybe William will end up marrying the little girl in the right hand corner of the picture!... That was a crazy story. I often wonder if Steve and I ever crossed paths before we met or if you and I did! Kind of cool to think about!! :) I can't wait o see you next week!

  5. seriously, you and the babe are adorable! He is the cutest thing in the world!

  6. That story is awesome! I didn't realize that you had zoo passes too! When I get back from Arizona we need to plan another friends trip to the zoo (I'm in need of the adult interaction)! :)

    p.s. You and the Toyota Sienna Family mom could be TWINS!! I couldn't believe it when I saw one of their commercials the other day!

    p.p.s. In my mind, that's a good thing because I think you're both lovely with perfect hair! :)


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