June 15, 2010

go see do: e is for exercise

David and I have both lost a combined amount of roughly 20 pounds in the last few weeks (I'll be honest: he's reigning well over me - but I blame breastfeeding) and we both feel pretty great. I haven't talked about it much here on this blog because, well, I'm prideful and I don't like to admit that I'm overweight. Anyway, if you've noticed a decline in recipes lately it's because I'm really struggling to make delicious meals over here. Once I get a great healthy recipe that tastes amazing, I'll post it.
We've been stuck on our "E" letter for our Go See Do project for a while now. I couldn't think of much to do with that letter and was just wanting to skip to "F" (since we have a great idea planned for that one) but on Saturday morning it occured to me that we should kill two birds with one stone and Exercise! I made some eggs for breakfast (here's a yummy recipe if you're interested) and we packed up the stroller, the sling and our water bottles and headed to Torrey Pines. As we drove over the hill to get to our parking spot I caught a view of the ocean and it kind of blew my mind that we live here. It was so beautiful and I felt so grateful that I get to live in such an amazing place.

Just a quick photo of me and the boy before we started our hike. P.S. Will is obsessed with that red fox. Hence his nickname of "Fox" (and because of his red hair).

While hiking up Torrey Pines is not easy for the average person, it certainly isn't killer hard either and I did manage to break a sweat. We felt pretty pathetic on our way down though when we saw a guy sprinting up the hill plus a mid-80's couple who were running circles around us. I praised them for being in such great physical shape.

Nevertheless, we did reach the top and it was quite a sight. When I see this kind of view I'm always amazed to remember that San Diego is a desert. I forget because of the man-made landscaping and the ocean views. I'm glad there's still a little "desert rat" in me.

William was good and stayed in his stroller on the way up. On the way down, however, I had to carry him in his sling but I was happy to do it since we were downhill at that point! This is his new face (with accompanied sniffing) by the way. He thinks it's really funny. And so do we.


  1. I've been struggling for recipes too. Then I found this blog, and I've got tons of inspiration: www.herbavoracious.com.

    Love you "go, see, do" idea!

  2. BTW- you look great! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Torrey Pines is our favorite! There are such beautiful views on that hike! Good job for being so healthy you too!!! :)

  4. You look beautiful! But ooh, I feel ya on the pride. I hate to even hear compliments when I DO start to lose weight because it just reminds me that I was overweight to begin with. Way to go!!

  5. You do look beautiful! I feel your pain of breastfeeding and s-l-o-w-l-y losing weight though. And accepting that fact. Definitely. I just wanted to say hi... I actually know Stephen pretty well (in the end he was even my wedding photographer)... I really enjoy your blog!


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