June 3, 2010

house tour: nursery

Our new place has a much bigger guest bedroom than our old place which is extra nice since it's also William's nursery.

The space before:
The space after:


  1. I am a total "blog lurker" but had to comment. This is so great! Where did you get the pennant flags?

  2. Thanks ces! I actually made the flag banner using paint swatches from Home Depot and twine. A super easy and cheap project!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Your blog is like getting a designer magazine for FREE!! Love all of your ideas!

    PS- the deleted comment above was mine, but I was signed in under my husband's name... just wanted my little ol' name with my comment. ;D

  5. You are so cute- i love love the room! Oh, and I didn't know that you lived so close to Mindy and Eldon! (I was just there this weekend) :)


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