June 2, 2010


David's grammy made something that I call a "wedding box" for him before she died. Inside were family pictures, a few sentimental items as well as these beautiful handmade doilies. They are each about 20 inches long and are beautiful. I had forgotten about these until we moved and I rediscovered them in a large storage box. I'm not a huge fan of doilies used for coasters or draped over a sitting chair yet I knew I wanted to display these in our home.
After some rooting around in my fabric cupboard I found some tan cotton fabric to line the doilies with. Then I headed to IKEA to pick up some RIBBA frames for $20 a piece (with mats - hallelujah!) I carefully placed the doilies and the fabric behind and that's it! I like how they look and they remind me of David's sweet grammy - who is really one of the only grandmothers I have really known as an adult.


  1. Great idea. I love doilies and I even like them as coasters or draped, but with my grandkids they end up everywhere... as doll blankets, as a saddle blanket for the dog, etc. I need a crafty grammy though, I bought all of mine.

    BTW- I made the Maple Soy Glazed Salmon dinner last night. My family thought it was A.MAZ.ING.!!!!! So did I. Thanks for that recipe. I could just eat the mango salsa for a meal!

  2. So pretty! Such a great heirloom to have. =)


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