May 2, 2010

six months

My sweet babe is six months old today. He is so very sweet and I just want to eat him all the live long day.
At this point:
He is sitting up like a champ.
He has an insane grasp on whatever he can get his paws on.
He can almost crawl (there's an army crawl/scoot going on around here).
Lots of drooling, gnawing, biting, and grinding of gums but nothing poking through yet.
His favorite soothing songs are "Silent Night" and "All the Pretty Little Horses". His favorite funny song is "Little White Duck".
He reaches for Mama (and my heart swells three sizes every time).

People comment on:
His red hair.
His big, brown eyes.
His chubby cheeks.
How strong he is (grip and standing).
His perpetual smile and unfailing cheerful disposition. He smiles at everyone (especially blondes . . . I wonder why? *wink wink*)
Oh, how I love him!


  1. he's adorable, he looks so much like his dad!

  2. Mmm I love that boy! Give him kisses from Auntie Erin!

  3. Oh and P.S. Parker has that outfit! We need to dress them like twins next time we see each other!! ha ha

  4. He's such a cutie! Love your blog! I'll be making the Strawberry Shortcake next week for FHE. Yum!

    From a friendly blog stalker

  5. Ok I was laughing at Erin's comment because I was going to tell you my little guy Brayden has it too. That would have been funny if all three of the boys had the same outfit on! :) He is so precious! I love those kissable cheeks and beautiful brown eyes too!!


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