April 21, 2010

if my heart was a house, you'd be home

So, I am heartbroken. Like, my little heart is all zig-zag cut in half. I am such an exaggerator but seriously, I am really bummed.

Remember how you all helped me decide between Orchard Place and Stonecrest House? I went back and forth for days - which one? Finally, this morning, I drove over to the house and took one last look around. It felt like home. Then I put William in his stroller and took a long walk around the parks, the beautiful pool and a lovely nature walk along a little babbling creek. It was beautiful and I felt like this was where we belonged. I went home and excitedly called the realtor to tell her we were officially going to take it.

"I'm sorry. I rented it out this morning."

I wanted to barf.
Instead I cried.
On the phone.
To Kathy.

Anyway, Orchard Place it is! I'm trying to be excited about it because I should have called her yesterday so it's all my fault. Oh well! Home is where the heart is . . . and my two boys who I love very much.
But I can still cry about it while my baby is napping. Yep, I'm crying my little eyes out.


  1. Oh no! I about to cry for you. :(

  2. Oops. I'M about to cry for you.

    (I hate when I make mistakes cuz I'm in a hurry...)

  3. Oh darn it! I'm sorry Liz. Just get it out, cry all you want. I guess it wasn't meant to be! :(

  4. Aw, sorry to hear you didn't get the house! We're glad to have you around for at least a few more months though. Hopefully we can stay too. Let me know when you start packing so I can come help.

  5. At least you have a place to live, right?
    I'm sorry it didn't work out. I'm with Keri. Maybe it wasn't supposed to be the place for you and that's why you couldn't make a decision about it and then someone else took it even if it was a sad thing for you.
    I'm just glad you're still in the ward :) Let me know what I can do to help. Even take William for a while when you need to pack.

  6. I'm officially crying now! I have live in stonecrest for 2 years now and it is such a sweet neighborhood. Boo-Hoo! I moved here when Ella was 18 months old and let me tell you, having areas to walk around and go play/ride bikes is the best thing EVER. And the attached garage is the BEST! I am going to keep my eyes open for anything down the road b/c I think this place just FITS you! I really, really do! I'm super sad :(

  7. That was the saddest post EVER! I'm sorry to hear of your heartbreak! :( At least your B plan is still a super great one! I'm thinking a Girls Night Out is in order...that always helps me through heartache! :)

  8. Go back and read your pros list on the Orchard Place and the cons list on the Stonecrest house...maybe that will help you feel better. The Pros on Ochard Place were SOOO good!!

    Good Luck. Thinking of you.

  9. I can't even remember which one I voted for now... they were both really great places. Try the Realtor one more time... just in case. Sometimes miracles happen if that's where the Lord thinks you belong. Then just go where you need to go knowing that the Lord will guide you there! Chin up!

  10. Amen to my mom's comment...what the Lord wants will be done if you go to him. Sometimes it sucks at the time but you will be blessed tremendously for following what you know to be right. You'll be great wherevever you are because you are amazing! But hey cry your eyes out all you need! :)

  11. Oh this California real estate! The more things change...the more they stay the same! Before you go and sign that apartment lease (UGH)check craigslist, local property managers....other sources than realtors! They only show you what they can get paid a commission on! And I'm a Realtor so I can say that!

  12. hi Lizzy....I always say things happen for a reason...and you had nothing to do with the outcome! Your Heavenly Father knows best!

  13. Oops! Sorry!

    I disagree with your having nothing to do with the situation, as though it was out of your hands? No. You waited, and it didn't come through. BUT, where I agree is that no matter whether we make certain choices, if we strive to do His will, He will take care of us. Just a different way of looking at things. I believe in our free will.

    So go and be happy in Orchard Place! I'm sure you will :-)


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