April 20, 2010

firsts: the cup

When your baby smiles for the first time, you can't help but smile back.
When your baby learns to roll over, you clap your hands and act like he just climbed Everest.
When your baby first sits up on his own, you're thrilled he can play with his toys for a few minutes while you make dinner.

But when your baby starts using a sippy cup - your heart breaks a little because he's growing up way too fast.
It's OK though because he still likes me best!


  1. Holy Cow!! William looks so cute in those pictures!! I miss his little chubby cheeks and his happy squeals!

  2. Oh my Lord, look at those eyes! So adorable!

  3. sweet post....hold on to him tightly!!!!! I danced to "Baby Of Mine" a lullaby at my son's wedding because he will ALWAYS be my baby boy!

  4. He's got the most beautiful brown eyes!!! Takes after is mama! :)


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