December 22, 2009


william used to hate bathtime. now, he loves it but only for about 2 minutes and then he's done. and only if I sing "sugar baby" to him to the tune of "oh my darling, clementine" and click my tongue with I do it. and only if I wrap him tight in his frog towel and snuggle with him afterward.
then, I usually put him in a sleeper and lay him down for a nap around this time. he's really great about going down for a nap. but only if he falls asleep mid-suck. and only if he's wrapped in his miracle blanket (thanks leone!) and sometimes he sleeps best in my bed where I sleep with him at night and some of my breastmilk drips on the sheets and he can rub his face in the smell while he dreams. he really likes that best.
I love babies. especially mine.
p.s. he's not really that finicky.


  1. How adorable! Its amazing the little things moms do to make their babies happy!

  2. that miracle blanket looks awesome...could they have chosen a more muscle-y woman to wrap that baby up!!!

  3. mine loved getting his hair washed in the sink, but hated being in the tub. he finally warmed up to them. can't remember how old he was. now at almost 2, he sprints to the tub when we even say the word bath. so funny.


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