December 6, 2009

my baby is balding

but he's still oh so cute.

He learned to smile over Thanksgiving and grins all the time. I love this kid.


  1. Too cute! He is such a sweetheart. My little niece is balding too! She has brown hair right around the rim of her hair. My sister put a little Santa hat on her when she went to see Santa!

  2. are you serious? smiling already!? so adorable!

  3. He's just so cute! I wish I could kiss his cheeks!

  4. Don't worry about the hair loss! Parker didn't have much hair when he was born, but he really lost a ton of his peach fuzz a few weeks after he was born. Now he has lots a peach fuzz again...not tons but it is growing! ha ha

    I love his smile!


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