December 3, 2009

babes with babies

met my favorite second cousin, Erin, her husband and delightful baby, Parker, at Wildflower for breakfast in Arizona.
these third cousins just had to meet.
we make darn cute babies if I do say so myself.


  1. First off- I am so glad that I am your favorite 2nd cousin (you're mine too!) :) I absolutely loved seeing you and meeting little William last week! He is definitely a keeper. And I have a feeling he is going to be parker's favorite 3rd cousin!

  2. So cute! They are adorable babies! Parker is such a sweet boy how could you not love him? I'm his aunt and everything but it is true :). Hope you enjoyed your time in AZ. I'm glad you and Erin were able to get together because I know she misses you. It would have been so fun for you two to live close together especially when the babies are so close in age. There is always hope for the future right? As long as it is only that you are moving back to AZ not for Erin to go to CA. Sorry :(


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