November 23, 2009

no lemons here

I don't know how single moms do it - and I don't want to know either if I can help it. I am so thankful that I have a supportive husband (and father for william) in our home.
after a long day of work david comes home, picks up the baby and orders me to take a nap. he then makes something for dinner and cleans the kitchen while I nurse. he does the laundry, goes grocery shopping several times a week (because I inevitably forget something) and manages not to complain about my daily meltdown (at 6 pm - like clockwork), how I haven't cooked in three weeks nor about the mess of a home that we live in. instead he is supportive, loving, caring and optimistic. william and I are so lucky.


  1. please remember sweet lizzy that your handsome, sweet, precious baby boy isn't even a month old. You are supposed to take some time off, relax, and enjoy that baby. Its okay that your house isn't perfect, that you haven't cooked dinner, and that you have out of whack hormones. I am a mom of 7 beautiful kids and I have felt the same way you do-every time-its okay. just take it easy and remember there is plenty of time to cook, and clean later!

  2. i feel ya, sistah! lbj is a perfect baby. but sometimes at 5 pm, all i can do is hand him over to nathan and say - "give me 15" (even if that 15 minutes is just me in the bathroom hiding out)

    thank goodness for fabulous husbands and fathers :o)

  3. David understands that your body is in recovery. And you are. Once you're healed, you will be busy and back in the swing of things a bit more but with a new little assistant. And then David will find a new way to be a supportive father and husband.

    He's one of the "good guys."

  4. I have to agree with you-- I don't know how single mom's do it!! David is a good man. Just relax and enjoy your time resting and holding that sweet little William all day. Before you know it you will be in the swing of things again and you will be chasing him all over the place! Oh, and I can totally and completely sympathize with you about the "6 pm meltdowns"!! Aren't hormones crazy?

    I can't wait to see you this week!!! :) And I can't wait to hold little William!!!

  5. We are so lucky to have such wonderful husbands! When Neil comes home from work and the house is a mess and dinner isn't ready yet, and I'm so tired I want to cry, he just points to our happy children and reminds me that I did the important things all day. :)


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