October 5, 2009

side effects

Weird side effects of pregnancy (documentation for my own purposes):

1. Milk tastes sour even when it’s fresh (and other strange flavors).
2. Uncharacteristically anti-social tendencies (going out in general).
3. Elbow joint pain (specifically strange).
4. Acne (someone lied to me).
5. Uncharacteristically decreased amount of crying (less than once a week).

When I was skinny. Sigh.

In two days I made shrimp enchiladas, a huge batch of tomatillo salsa, lasagna, “French breakfast puffs”, sourdough waffles and lots of crafts (read: a full recycling can) at my coffee table in front of the TV. We have a full refrigerator of leftovers. I’ll post recipes on The Dish (see button link to right).

David thought we should go on a walk yesterday when it was particularly fine outside. I was wrapped up in a blanket because of freezing temps in our house and dressed very warmly for my normal pregnant self (yoga pants, a tissue paper thin hoodie, socks and shoes). Five minutes into our walk and I was complaining to high heavens about how hot is it, how I need my sunglasses and I had to go to the bathroom. David laughed at my whining which made me even more cranky. He finally put his baseball hat on my head for shade and carted me across the street to walk around in the air conditioning for a few minutes. Aren’t husbands the best? Mine is particularly.


  1. I found myself uncharacteristically unemotional during my pregnancy. Isn't it a fun experience? Can't wait to meet your little prince! :D

  2. You don't know me, but hello anyway!

    I had really painful cramping in my shoulder all the way to my wrist when pregnant with my second. I went to the ER because it was so painful. Turns out it was a case of carpal tunnel syndrome brought on by the swelling in your joints that occurs during pregnancy. I figure I get swollen pretty much everywhere while pregnant, why not the joints too?

    So, I wouldn't be concerned. Turns out it's more common than it seems. :)

  3. LOL. That all sounds too familiar! I think almost the exact same thing happened to me. It's hard not to whine when you are getting so big and uncomfortable!

    I agree with Sarah's comment... I give you two weeks!

  4. Love your little blog! Good luck with these last few weeks. And for the record.....I loved labor and delivery!

    When I was pregnant EVERY utensil in our home tasted of horrible metal but the spoons were the worst!

  5. I had carpal tunnel while pregnant. I couldn't even shred chicken. I remember standing over a bowel with tears streaming down my face it hurt so bad. I wore wrist braces at night which helped a ton!

  6. I hear ya! At least you can stand long enough to cook ;)

    I make my husband open our window to let the 30-40 degree utah air in...and I am still hot.

    I got achne too. Scars all over my back I'm afraid.


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