October 6, 2009

house tour: bedroom

This is our bedroom. Ask me if I love it. The answer is no but it will do for now.

Let’s start with the good:
I love the Pottery Barn bedspread that I got on Ebay for a steal.
I love the yellow curtains that match nicely.
I love the red wool throw.

I love how I now have a designated space for my sewing machine, computer and craft stuff.
I love the green boxes from IKEA.

Now the bad:
I do not love the ugly painted headboard that I’ve repainted over 3 times.
I do not love how cramped it is in there with our California King size bed.

I do not love how our dressers and desk make up an AT&T commercial (more bars in more places – repeated how many times?).

I guess the good outweighs the bad, right? I really want to hire Jenny from Little Green Notebook or Layla from The Lettered Cottage to help me design my house. Someday.

Free advice anyone?


  1. I love how your room is so neat and organized! Good work. Bonnie Gilmore

  2. I love the desk area! The green boxes are super cute. I've always wanted some but don't really have a need for them right now...yet they're still tempting.

  3. maybe switch the 2 dressers? and I think the headboard looks nice!

  4. hmmmm.
    can you make the headboard higher so there is some depth?
    i love the at&t look though!!

  5. I second Cheryl Joy's recommendation of younghouselove.com - it's one of my favorite home decor sites.

    About your headboard - I think it has a nice shape (which offers a nice contrast with the more linear pieces in the room), but it does get lost a bit with the pillows propped against it. Do you think you could upholster the existing headboard, and maybe raise it a little (mounting it to the wall)? It really depends on the particulars of your bed (i.e., how/if the headboard attaches to the sides of the bed and how far down toward the floor it goes), but guessing from the picture it seems like it could be done. Grace at design*sponge recently posted a tutorial on this, with a curvy shape like your headboard. If you go ahead with it, maybe have the hubs do the spray adhesive part (that stuff is nasty), but other than that it's mostly stapling. Having a cushy headboard to lean back on is a real luxury - and you deserve luxury!

    Good luck with the room!

  6. What about a cute round mirror or round something else to balance out the "linear" look. Make sure it would reflect something cute off the opposing wall though. You are crafty! ( :
    Good luck!

  7. I also love that your room is so clean... until the little ones come, enjoy it. Then you'll be looking at stuff like: How do I get this out of my carpet? And 'what color were these dressers originally?' It all looks great to me.

  8. http://ccinteriors.blogspot.com/

    Caitlin Creer- a great interior designer who offers "e-decorating" for a reasonable price

  9. maybe switch around the two dressers and hang a round mirror or print over the smaller one?

  10. Could you move one of the dresses to the wall where the headboard is? It will break up the linear lines of that wall. I second getting a new headboard. I love the existing one, but its washed out with the size of the bed and the expansive wall.

    p.s. WHERE did you get that desk?

  11. Thanks for the tips everyone! I think the concensus is to switch the two dressers. Now if I can just get my big, manly husband to move them . . .

    Rainylakechick: the desk is from IKEA (of course). It's called Mikael.

  12. I heart Ikea! Oh, and I third Cheryl Joy's recommendation of younghouselove.com - I adore their style!

    Your bed is high enough to do this but I can't tell if you have nightstands already. You could move your dressers to be on both sides of your bed (like nightstands) which would ease up the usage of space on the back wall. Just a thought but hard to say. I love all of your colors!

  13. Hi Lizzy!! I would love to help you with your room, if you want to send me more pics:

    pearlstreetinteriors at gmail.com

    If you let me post about my suggestions, this one's one the house. :)


  14. i say corner the large dresser at an angle in the corner. does that make any sense??? there will be a triangle space behind the dresser. then put the desk in the middle, with the smaller dresser on the other side of the desk. i think it would balance the room out better. if you do it, please post a pic. now i want to see what it would look like!

  15. Very cute! We are cramped in with a desk, cabinets and a bed too, but our bedroom does not look remotely as cute as yours. I love the bed spread.

  16. I think this room is a perfect start!!! You only need a few minor tweaks! Hang 1 large piece over the bed, maybe a heavily framed mirror or large family photo after the baby is born (Shutterfly's prices on large prints are pretty good). I like the advice about raising the headboard. It really is a nice shape. But I guess this isn't always practical. It you truly hate it, try upholstering it!!! Very easy and completely changes the look and function (you can comfortably lean on it!!!). Just wrap it with batting, staple that to the back and repeat with fabric!!
    Best ot luck!!!

  17. Put the small dresser by the bed as an end table.

    or....switch the 2 dressers. Hang a big mirror or them.

    Picture over the headboard too.


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