September 22, 2009

only good

Some things I’ve noticed about my pregnant body:

1. I can’t scoot my chair and/or body close enough to the table to eat. I always thought those pictures using your belly as a table were a joke. It’s certainly not.
2. When I sit, I don’t have to go to the bathroom as much.
3. I’m hungry but have no appetite (a paradox).
4. If I sleep it’s only for an hour or two before I have to wake up to go to the bathroom, roll over to wake up my sleeping arm or throw off the covers in a heated fury.
5. I tried to put tights on this morning . . . dumb idea . . . for so many reasons.
6. This dress makes me look like a dressed, stuffed Thanksgiving turkey – in blue.

Lest you think I’m complaining, let me tell you a few more things about my pregnant body:

1. I am entertained just by watching the waves my stomach makes as baby moves.
2. Fullness in an extra special place (you know what I mean).
3. Radiant skin and thicker hair.
4. Watching David rub my belly while saying, “Buddha. Buddha.”
5. My womanly body knows exactly what to do to provide life to my baby. I’m amazed by that every day.

I am so thankful I get to experience this.


  1. Pregnancy is such a wonderful and beautiful thing. It is always refreshing to hear someone talk about it with joy and gratitude.

  2. Pregnancy is magic. Pure magic. The people that can't see that miss out on the entire 9 months.

    And if you think your body growing a baby is amazing, wait until you start nursing. It is fascinating to see your body know exactly how to feed your baby.

  3. you have a darling belly! Getting close!!

    It is an amazing miracle, isn't it??

  4. Enjoy! It is an amazing journey.

  5. Pregnancy really is the coolest thing ever! I actually kind of miss it. It is so incredible to feel life inside you! But it's even more amazing when you see your baby for the first time! I can't wait to meet your little man! He's going to be so precious! :)

  6. Liz, being just a week behind you in pregnancy (and having experienced pregnancy once before) I was giggling reading your list of things that I am experiencing as well. There are plenty of things to complain about during pregnancy but plenty of things to be amazed by and such an awesome miracle at the end. I am so excited for you guys and hope all goes well!

  7. i was blog hopping and found your blog... i love this post ! lol i know how you feel :) !!!

  8. I ditto rookie cookies comment on nursing! I thought I was cool after I gave birth but wow oh wow nursing is amazing!
    You're a lovely Mamma! Good luck to you!

  9. This is adorable! I love this post!

    I love how you express yourself. You have me giggling out loud to myself. It's so fun. And I love your honesty and positivity. I appreciate a good-humored peer into a pregnancy experience. Those are so hard to come by.


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