September 23, 2009

nursey sneak peek

I spent a lot of Saturday working on the nursery and I'm excited to show you all the complete finished product but not until it's completely finished. Like - The clothes are washed and put away. The books on the bookshelf are aligned just right. And most importantly, the changing pad sheet purchased and the large metal letters for the shelf delivered. I just hope it happens long before this baby comes because I have so much more to do.

But, here’s at least one wall that’s done. I hung these alphabet cards above the closet that I got from Michael’s on clearance (I felt incredibly lucky that day) and then made a teeny tiny banner made from paint swatch cards and twine (I felt particularly crafty that day). I like how it turned out.

Then, I’m still working on a framed art and baby picture wall. Thank heavens for IKEA frame prices – that’s all I can say.

I made this for one of the frames. This quote by Rabindranath Tagore is my mantra of parenthood: “Let my love like sunlight surround you and yet give you illumined freedom”. I just need to find the perfect spot for it on my wall to always remind me to teach my children, love them and show them the way - and then let them learn independence and their own ability to choose.


  1. liz...SO cute. I love the ABCs...and the baby flag, holy adorable.

    i love that saying so much. i have that attitude as well. love 'em like crazy & give them wings to fly. (:

    you'll be such a great mom.

  2. Oh Liz... you are sure going to make a great mommy!

    Cute idea about the ABC flashcards. Love it!!

  3. Love it so far! Way to find bargains and get creative with the bargains. And, what a fitting and inspiring quote.

  4. I love that quote! I couldn't agree with it more! You are going to be such a great mom!

  5. I can't wait to see the finished product--you're going to love spending time in that nursery! Congrats on being so close to the end--I'm having my baby tomorrow and can't wait!

  6. your alphabet above the closet melts my heart:-) i taught 3rd and 2nd grade before i had my son. i have all of my classroom decor ready and waiting for our next move. i can't wait to put my alphbet letters up. (and a number line...but that makes me feel a little nerdy, so it can just be our secret).


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