September 11, 2009

how I felt

I’m trying to remember how I felt that day.

I was a senior in high school - getting ready for school. We never watched the news in the morning but someone called to tell us to turn on the TV. My little brother and I stood about two feet away from the screen with our mouths open. We looked at each other but didn’t cry.

I arrived at school where everyone was talking about it quietly. None of us could believe. It was my responsibility to do the school morning announcements over the loudspeaker with one of my friends. She sobbed and said she couldn’t do it. I felt the same way but didn’t cry.

I went to my American History class where the teacher decided to forgo her lesson that day while we watched the news. THIS was American History and we hated, but needed, to see it. My classmates hugged each other and cried together. I was scared. scared. scared. but didn’t cry.

I went home from school and decided to pray for all the people I didn’t know. The people I knew whose hearts were aching because they didn’t know where their husband, daughter, sister or brother were. The mothers who knew their children would never know their fathers. I prayed that the families would be proud of their lost loved ones who fought for our beloved country that was under attack.

And that’s when I cried.

I love this video for the human emotions it evokes. No words. Just some of the portrayals of disbelief, pain and agony set to one of the most beautifully composed pieces of music of all time. Watch the whole thing. I promise it will help you remember the emotions you felt on 9.11.01.


  1. that video was absolutely beautiful, i watched it with tears in my eyes. thanks for sharing.

  2. I do remember that day as well. When we were in NYC we got to go to the Memorial Preview Site. We watched a video of the many stories of people who were a part of that day at the world trade center and family members who lost loved was very humbling and hard to handle emotionally. Thanks for remembering this day.

  3. thanks for sharing that video, what an emotional reminder of that day....

  4. sniff, sniff... Liz, I have followed your blog for a while.. I love it.. and I think you are great, and I love this post because you capture so many people's memories of this day.. I remember that day, I remember thanking God that my whole family was okay, and I remember realizing how I was living at a time where an event would mark history,and I remember for a time people were so nice to eachother, and though I think that people do get nostalgic over 9/11 I wish that more people would remember the love we felt over America and the people who called America home when it became under attack, and I wish that we, the people of America could be as united as we were that day, and the months that followed, but I do believe that the Lords plan will be carried out. Sorry for the book, but I felt compelled to comment ;)


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