September 8, 2009

dos cabezas

we had a most excellent weekend in arizona. my awesome sisters threw me a baby shower for family and friends and it was so fun! I haven’t had that much fun just catching up with people from my neighborhood, church and family friends in so long.

feel free to revel in envy when I tell you that my sister-in-law made me one of her famous quilts. it is fabulous. she even let me pick one of the fabrics and then she worked around that. she’s so clever. and talented. and sweet. and gorgeous. lucky lucky me.
then my mother helped me make crib bedding for the cradle my mother-in-law is letting us borrow. we whipped this scalloped bumper together in about 3 hours so it certainly isn’t perfect but nothing in the cradle should detract from the perfectness of a newborn babe anyway. that’s my excuse for shoddy stitching. believe it?
david and I also enjoyed some pizza from LGO with some of our favorite friends on earth, ate some café rio, enjoyed a delightful trip to tia rosa’s complete with tomatillo salsa and salmon tacos. then we finished off our trip at liberty market – do yourself a favor and go there for their arizona sky panini or best chicken sandwich and cinnamon roll bread pudding. amongst other things, I dearly miss valley cuisine.

and arizona was also kind enough to bestow a very pleasant monsoon storm on saturday morning. it was perfection. the worst part? coming home. that’s right – that was worse than the 105 degree temperatures we sweated through. I’m just going to say it – are you ready for it? I’m an arizona girl at heart. though san diego isn’t too shabby either.


  1. liz, that quilt is seriously making me consider getting pregnant. definitely one of sarah's best. and i LOVE the scalloped bumper too. and i feel you about arizona. i really do.

  2. I'm glad you had a fun shower, and that quilt is seriously making me consider being excited about being pregnant. Just kidding, I am already. Pretty much. But, Sarah, very nice!

  3. Since my sisters have already chimed in, I'll make this a family affair.

    It was so great to see you this weekend! And I love the scalloped bumber - it's really darling! I see nothing "shoddy" about it.

  4. Can I have one of your sister in laws amazing quilts too?! She made this blue chevron quilt that I dream about at night.

  5. It was so good to see you! I wish that I could have stayed longer.

    I'm in love with that quilt! It is so darling!

    Oh, and when you get a minute (no rush) can you send me the recipe for that veggie pizza thingy that your sister made?

  6. Also, I'm disturbed that your baby widget says you still have 52 days to go. I thought we were closer to the same due date? Mid-October? Please tell me that doesn't add up to 52.

  7. I have to agree with everyone that Sarah has got some extreme talent going on the quilting department! :)

    It was so much fun seeing you guys last weekend! I think I am having Liz with drawls though... can you come back? I'm glad you finally admitted that you are an AZ girl at heart-- NOW MOVE BACK so we can do fun mommy things together like I've always dreamed of doing! Parker needs to be close to his cousin. :) He told me in baby language!

  8. I wish I could have been there. I heard it was great fun! Take care this last little bit of're almost there!!!

  9. It all looked beautiful! And there is no shame in loving Arizona. It is woven though out the stitches that bind you and your family together.

  10. Liz! You're so cute. It's true--Arizona's wonderful. The more places I live, the more I believe that. Though it is nice to get to know for oneself.

    51 days! So excited!


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