August 3, 2009

beach baby

Whale Cupcakes, originally uploaded by eabryant.

what's better than a week at the beach? getting adorable gifts for your baby at the beach! that's what! david's mom and sisters threw me a beautiful baby shower during their family reunion at pacific beach with all his aunts and cousins. they were all very generous and I'm so grateful to have such cute things to wrap, dress, clean, feed and cuddle my baby in when he comes! the shower was altogether wonderful to every detail. proof:

let’s start with those adorable mini cupcakes beth made you already saw and these adorable whale cookies as a thank you.

Whale Cookies

then this delicious chocolate cake from extraordinary desserts (an amazing dessert place in hillcrest).

Extraordinary Desserts Cake

david's mom made lemon chiffon tarts with fresh berries on top. they were beautiful and delicious!

Cindy and her tarts

Treats Table

like I said, all his aunts and cousins came. so nice.

Aunts and Cousins

and they got me presents – and who doesn’t like presents?

Opening Hooter Hider

and I was very excited (my face is priceless).

Excited Face

and I am grateful. chubby with a funky haircut . . . but grateful.

Cindy's Quilt

Roses and Tarts


  1. what a lovely shower! Looks like it was so much fun :)

  2. seriously the cutest shower ever! And you are beautiful pregnant!

  3. I like the new hair!!! I love the whale idea and those cupcakes!!

  4. Lizzy- it looks fit to perfection. I wouldn't imagine it any other way for such a beautiful mommy-to-be and destined-to-be-so-handsome baby boy! :)

  5. What a beautiful shower! Looks like a dream to me! A baby shower in a cottage on the beach! :)

    Your hair looks cute, I like it! You finally cut bangs like you have been wanting for a while now! Looks adorable! You sure make a cute pregnant lady!

  6. Liz...

    Happy Shower!

    Just hafta say:
    Ya know how people talk about "glowing" when you're pregnant?

    Well, you're a good example of that. *You look beautiful.

    Congrats, again. Can't wait to e-meet him. (:

  7. Liz, OK I will trade baby gear for photo tutorials from you. Those pictures were awesome and look oh, about one gazillion times better than the ones that I took with my camera. What are your secrets?!

    And I agree..your hair is cute and you look radiant.

  8. A beautiful baby shower at the're a lucky lady! And a beautiful mommy to be too!

    { Lindsey }

  9. that shower was divine. I'm still dreaming about that creme brulee cake...the lighting was naturally perfect for the shower, too--sunset-y and warm. I can't wait to see Little Man dressed up in some of his darling duds.

  10. i love the attention to details. it looks like a fantastic shower!

  11. You are one hot mama, Liz! What a darling shower. Those tarts are killing me!

  12. Hey Lizzy,
    I'm new to your blog. What a doll you are & a lovely preggy, too! I'm a mom in San Diego as well. Yes, you are correct, Extraordinary Desserts is uh-mazing! I wrote about it, too:
    Maybe I'll go get some cake now...
    Enjoy your pregnancy.


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