July 24, 2009

it's all good in the hood

Multnomah Falls 1, originally uploaded by eabryant.

Our trip to Hood River, Oregon was plenty of fun. First stop was Multnomah Falls. We hiked. We posed. We came down.

DL at Multnomah Falls

Then we checked into our heavenly bed and breakfast, Seven Oaks. Greeted with Rainier cherries, a clean white bed for a nap and welcome air conditioning (living in San Diego has spoiled me).

Seven Oaks BB Front View 1

Seven Oaks BB - White Oak Room 1

The next morning after a breakfast of apple pancakes, local berries and yogurt, eggs from the owner’s chickens and fresh apple cider (yum) we went to Mount Hood. I took pretty pictures on the ski lift

Mount Hood from Ski Lift 3

while David rode the Alpine Slide. His face kills me.

David Alipine Slide 6

He be sad I wasn’t with him.

David Ski Lift 3

On Monday morning we ate our fill of mushroom and tomato frittata with the world’s best biscuits. No joke. Like I could joke about such a thing. Then they bestowed us with a bag of Rainier cherries for our trip. I wanted to kiss them. The baby loves them, I tell you. We will be back (with less chub).

DL Seven Oaks BB 1


  1. Oh how I love Oregon. That's our old stomping grounds (Where Erin was born). Have you ever seen any place so lush? Great pictures.

  2. What a fun "baby moon!" Oregon is so beautiful!! The bed and breakfast was so cute! I want to go right now... well, maybe when Parker is older and sleeping through the night. Rest up now while you can girly! That's all I have to say! Being a mother is the best, hardest, but most rewarding thing ever! :)

  3. beautiful pictures, as always! what camera do you have? do you edit them, or are they raw?

  4. Love the pictures. It was super fun to see you guys at the beach.

  5. Hi, Elizabeth! I'm a good friend of Chris & Lisa Clark, a fan of your blog, and a San Diego resident. I noticed on your sidebar that you're looking for a hair stylist in San Diego. I have someone I adore at fabulous little salon in Hillcrest:


    Her name is Abby-Jane, and she's the bomb. The salon itself is really cool as well.

  6. Glad you got your fill on some green, but be sure to come back again and soon. We seriously l.o.v.e. it here and dread the day we have to move back to the nasty desert. For now we're filling our bellies with blackberries and living it up.


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