February 16, 2009

weekly menu

I love having the day off. I felt so productive but now I'm thinking, "what on earth did I do all day?" I went to the gym for 90 minutes, had a protein shake for breakfast, reupholstered my dining chairs (more on that later - with pictures!) and now it's dinner time and I'm feeling bummed about my list of completed activities. well, as they say, "tomorrow's another day".

this week's menu is simple, simple, simple - which is really nice when you're short on time.
monday: caesar salad with roasted tomato soup and toasted whole grain baguette
tuesday: whole wheat spaghetti and turkey meatballs
wednesday: grilled halibut with fresh tomato salsa and grilled polenta
thursday: eggplant and feta panini
friday: pepper's chili (with turkey) and cornbread
saturday: date night
sunday: warm tomato dressing over grilled fennel and couscous

p.s. my healthy macaroni and cheese last week was a hit. seriously better than the real thing. I will be making this again.


  1. cute new header. so was the vegetarian meals only a one week trial? i would eat all the food you write about - it all sounds and looks so good!

  2. Your menu seems simple and very delicious.

  3. what's in your healthy mac n cheese?

  4. eggplant and feta panini? oh yes.

  5. I so wonder the same thing about those days off, where did it go and what did I do!
    Oh and p.s. to others, when Lizzy says that she just has a simple menu for the week...she means that it is simple to her but it still sounds so gourmet to the rest of us ;o) You are awesome lizzy. I need a plate of your chocolate chip cookies!

  6. I need to do better at making out a menu. We would spend less and eat out less if I could make a plan!


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