February 12, 2009

valentine's playlist

after consulting with m today I think I have a great valentine's day gift for my lover (and under $5)! I'll blog about the outcome later. in the mean time, I think it's imperative that I share some awesome valentine's tunes with you. play this during your romantic drive on saturday, during dinner or just as a sweet playlist to enjoy on the day of love.
Someone You Need - Duncan Sheik
By Your Side - Sade
Love Me Tender - Norah Jones
Divide Me - Kalai (not a great video)
I Love You - Sarah McLachlan
True - Glen Phillips
Moon River - The Innocence Mission
You & I - Michael Buble
Arms of A Woman - Amos Lee
No One's Gonna Love You - Band of Horses
This Year's Love - David Gray
It Never Entered My Mind - Miles David
You Are There - Stacey Kent
Umbrella - Scott Simons


  1. great list. moon river by innocence mission is like my favorite song ever.

  2. great playlist.

    Also, i received my fun cards today.

    Have a great V-Day!

  3. sorry....wrong lizzy. still a great play list :) but the cards were from my cousin :)

    And still have a good V-Day!

  4. Oh yay we finally got to talk to each other, we came up with your v-day gift...which i can't wait to see! and the playlist rocks (remember when we were hooked on Glen Phillips True!) was that during the matthew or dan days???...oh yeah and I love the new header tagline "about whatever she fancies."

  5. yum.

    thanks lizzy.

    i haven't thought about duncan sheik in ages! i'll hafta bust some out.

    you have good taste in music. i still have a cd that you made for me called "lizzy's girl mix"...it's one of my very faves when i'm in a chill mood, [or to get me into a chill mood.] (:

  6. did you see duncan sheik is coming to the mesa arts center on the 17th of feb?


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