January 29, 2009

poor miami

miami never stood a chance!

on the other hand, you guys are great! it's so funny how just about every single one of you commented about your love of anne as well. so great. some of the best comments include:

Jonathan & Heather who said: "Just have David take you to some small bridge there (PEI), hold each other, and then say to him, "I just want you David." And then kiss passionately and your vacation will be made!" (because it's true and it made me laugh)

{april kennedy} who said: "Oh and try www.VRBO.com (vacation rentals by owner website) for less expensive accommodations and cozy darling places to stay." (because that's a good idea)

Kathi who said: "Miami, um...no.." (because it cracked me up ten fold - not sure why - and was helpful)

brookie who said: "p.s. you can totally stay with us - we've got an extra bedroom all set up for guests, we're right by the golden gate bridge, we've got five bikes too - morning rides along the water are AMAZING. seriously - think about it if you come!" (because I would love to see my old college neighbor - what a generous offer)

you all gave me some great information and some excellent insights into flights, driving distances, restaurants, prices . . . what an informative bunch you are!

however, I have to say that the winner is blake who said: "None of the above! Stay home and save your money. You live with your parents and your husband is apparently about to graduate into the worst economy in decades (hopefully he is studying IT or engineering, or healthcare, etc. and not real estate, construction, banking, etc.). Stay home and save your money. I know it is not the fun option, but that's my vote."

debbie downer, right? let me explain. when I first read this comment I was . . . bugged, offended and a little defensive. yes, living with my parents is quite humbling as is the fact that my husband is, indeed, graduating in construction as is the fact that that industry is failing as is the fact that we thought it was a good idea to spend way more money on a trip than we should. well, I guess you can see my thought process.
so, blake thanks for the healthy dose of reality. truly. you're right, it's "not fun" but it's the truth - and the truth hurts sometimes. however, the fact still remains that we have two free plane tickets with southwest that expire in june so a trip we must take! we've decided on a destination (thanks to all your lovely comments) but it will be a much shorter trip with no rental cars involved.

now, since I can't see blake's profile I'm at a loss as to what kind of a prize I should get him (?). see my problem? in my world, blake is usually a man's name but lately I've been hearing of girls named "ryan" and "jeremy". what's poor lizzy to do? blake - are you out there? if so, send me an e-mail to bryantmilestones@gmail.com and if you don't live too far away, I'd like to send you some cookies.


  1. Living with the 'rents? Me too. It sucks the big one. I think I should have my graphic genius sister make a button that says "Living with the 'rents" and put it on my blog and then invite all the 'rent live-ins to do the same.

  2. reality bites. oh but i know how it goes all too well. hey, a mini vacation is better then no vacation at all. (and I am sure you can still find some sort of bridge no matter where you go....reenactment can still happen!)

  3. not that i know you... or blake... but from the sound of it i don't think blake wants you to send him (or her) cookies. even if they WOULD be amazing, just like the vacation WOULD have been amazing. but that was indeed a thoughtful comment that blake put out into the blogosphere and makes me glad to be a blogger. not so much what was said exactly but how it made you think and feel and change your mind. maybe no one else in the world would have pointed out those points. LOVE being a blogger!! what about something close to home? just a day or two at a local resort? so many people are doing "local" vacations. my family just did a minication (one day trip) to the grand canyon and took the train. SO much fun! very local for us, too.

  4. I'd be happy to call myself Blake if you wanted to send me cookies.

  5. So what's the verdict? Where to?

  6. I am sure that the comment was meant with a splash of wit??

    I am actually really happy that he wrote that because I have had this same conversation played all week! Big events should be celebrated! Sean and I both have so many student loans we could have bought a house with them. But you know what?? We are going on a trip in a couple weeks because we got a good deal and we are going to eat in, etc. The thing is, in my humble-over-worked-law-student opinion, you have to go on vacation because otherwise you get burnt out, and then it plays out in work and your relationships. You can do vacations on the cheap, and in the cost benefit analysis of things the benefit totally outweighs the cost.

    So go have the most fabulous vacation, have a virgin drink and toast to your success, being young, married, and in love...and to hell with the economy.

  7. dang, cheers to blake, but i TOTALLY thought frank sinatra would win for me! especially since he hit on my grandma back in the day. really, true story. i kid you not.

  8. Liz,

    If you guys want to fly out to Utah, you can stay at my mom's cabin. There is horseback riding, snowmobiling, and Sundance is only 30 minutes away. It is beautiful, and it's free! Plus, there's lots of pretty snow!

  9. no rental car... hum... Vegas?

  10. I was probably the one vote for Miami because I am sitting here in frozen tundra known as Ohio where we are currently receiving another foot of snow. I'm a california girl so you think I would have picked San Fran but all I am thinking about right now is warmth! I'm sorry I let my own personal selfishness influence your vacation decision.

    As someone who has lived with the in-laws, take it from me there is a definite need for a fun vacation! You may not get the chance again for awhile...so just do it!

  11. You crack me up!!!

    Blake has some good points, and I don't necessarily disagree with him/her (I know a female Blake) but there is another part of reality that needs to be addressed too!

    Once you start having babies & such...it is really HARD to find time/money to get away JUST THE TWO OF YOU - and I am of a FIRM belief that there is NO SUCH thing as a Family Vacation - it is better named a Family Trip/ Family stress out Mom week! Vacations are a husband & wife ordeal - and now is the perfect time to have one...not saying you should go out of control and blow your entire savings - be practical and most of all...ENJOY YOURSELVES!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!

    Oh...and I miss you!!

  12. I just HAVE to chime in here. I also am living in a an economy torn state and both me and my husband are in the construction industry and both still working (prayers said daily) BUT I also understand that the one great way to keep this country out of a depression is to for people to keep money circulating in this country. No, we don't have to be extravagent and I firmly believe if we are going to spend the money anyway, spend it locally.
    I also completely agree with so many who have posted comments to this particular post. Go NOW while you can. You are only young once and the babies come soon enough and it's just not the same. EVER!

  13. Thoughtful bloggers and thoughtful commenters.

    You're a big winner any way you look at it Liz! :)

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  15. HAVE FUN! And don't let living with the parents get you down. I say live with the 'rents as long as you can stand it - best way to save $, humble or no it is still $. Back when we were dating and in grad school I lived at my parent's home and my now husband lived with his. My husband's parents up and moved across the country *just* one month after he found his first post-grad school job. Yeah, not too much $ was saved at all :-( Stick it out as long as you can & you will have some, maybe not lots of $ for recreational / vacational things in the future.

  16. bummer I didn't win the cookies...but love the name Blake...it's my little guy's name! I could be the default winner with the connection!

    And I am glad you are at least going somewhere little. Getaways are fun and make for great memories.

    And my husband is a general contractor and is still busy...and we are sooo grateful {prayers of gratitude offered daily with evening family scrip study}!

    Have a great time...can't wait to hear where your final destination will be!

  17. I agree! You need a vacation! You don't need to spend a lot of money, and you don't want to burn yourselves out.
    Come see us! You can stay in our extra bedroom, and my husband is a fantastic chef and baker who always wins blues at the state fair. You could take our car to Yellowstone National Park or Jackson, Wyoming, or to Salt Lake City or Sun Valley - all day trips from here, or you could stay the night at a friend's cabin at Island Park, right by Yellowstone!
    What are you waiting for?

  18. o.k., that was funny. i loved reading all your comments.

  19. So despite the fact that I don't know you, I can't help but be bugged by the comment from "Blake." Yes. He/She may be right about the economy and that you live with your parents { We'd totally be there if we had the chance.} But, when are you going to to have another chance to do this? The longer you wait, the more stumbling blocks will be headed your way.. jobs, house payments, kids {good stumbling block} and ect.

    I think you should do what you really want.

    Enough said!


  20. Amen to what fashionably Kate said! I know that there are a lot of crazy things going on right now in the economy. But this is a time in your life when you have the opportunity to live at home with your parents, and you can save all of you money with minimal bills. No kids. No more school... for now at least. I think you guys should go on a fun vacation and do what you have dreamed of doing. In the great depression, did you know that a third of the people got really poor, a third of the people maintained, and a third of the people got rich! When we buy into what the media and the news is telling us, than yes, the economy is bad and it will affect us! I am not in denial that our country is struggling, but I do think that a lot of the country is still thriving and successful! :) Go on a fun vacation before you guys do have kids and a house payment! :)

    Love you Lizzy!

  21. oh, bummer. so he's right - i have to give him that. enjoy your tapered down vaycay and be sure to blog about it!
    i left you a little something on my blog. have a good week!

  22. Cookies were involved? You mentioned me as a finalist....but there were cookies to be won? I would have been MUCH wittier. :) Can we get a recipe for something good at least?

  23. So... where are you going? I'm on pins and needles here!
    As for living with the parents... I did that for a while when I was looking to purchase a home with my husb. I love my independance, but you and I are lucky people to have the parents we have... The fact that we can be happy with them is huge... and won't we be sad when they're gone.
    So while the opportunity is there, vacation in style... obviously none of us are going to have any money to pay for anything. I envision us trading wheat and breastmilk for eggs one day... You might as well spend what you have! Heck... if your lucky you'll find yourself pregnant and then in only 9 short months you can sell your own cholostrum! :) That stuff will make you rich!
    Seriously... what am saying?!

  24. Read your blog for a while and decided to start one myself. Hope you like to join mine as well.


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