January 21, 2009

pay it forward

the time has come for me to ask, nay, beg for your opinions and advice. david graduates in may (hurrah!) and we are going to take a little vacation to celebrate! however, we can't seem to decide between san francisco, quebec/prince edward island and miami. there's a poll above and I need your recommendations. if you help me out (and follow the steps below), there will be a treat for you. here's what you do:

1. read about our ideas (below).
2. make an informed decision.
3. cast your vote (above).
4. leave me a comment if you have recommendations, ideas or advice (most grateful).
5. I'll choose a winner next week on january 28th at midnight from the comments.

san franciscopros: david has never been and I haven't been in years. I can finally go to miette, the ferry building and several other places I've been dying to go to from blogs I've read for years. public transportation.
cons: I can't seem to find a hotel for less than $120 a night. I don't know where to stay. it could be cold. or hot. or just right.

quebec/prince edward islandpros: the canadian exchange rate. this hotel - which we can totally afford. it's the closest thing to france we can afford. david has never been. I've always wanted to go to prince edward island (I did grow up on this movie). whale watching starts in may. I found an amazing gourmet tour.
cons: we don't speak french, lots of driving since we'll have to fly into manchester (southwest), we might spend more money than we want to.

miamipros: david wanted to go somewhere "beachy" (and, I mean, it is david's vacation after all). neither of us have been there. it could be very relaxing.
cons: there's a good chance it might be lame. we might be bored. and it might be a little trashy.


  1. Well here is my advice, if it means anything. We have been to Miami, and it is nice and the beaches are BLUE! but after three days at the beach, there isn't much else to do if you don't drink. Ty served his mission in Canada, and that is what I would say to do. It's a totally different atmosphere, and very relaxing. You don't have to spend much money either. Plus it's totally you Liz.

  2. oh do quebec/pei!! canada is so amazing, especially the east. do you both have passports?
    also, you definitely DONT need to know french, we're a bilingual nation, so there's english everywhere that there's french!

  3. Okay, listen to me. Go to PEI. Ethan served his mission there and it is gorgeous, especially the time of year you want to go. Ethan could give you tips on the all the great places to go. He just went last June and had the greatest time. Beautiful weather and even better golfing. And you could go to Anne's Land, a whole place dedicated to Anne of Green Gables. Ethan brought me back an Anne porcelain doll.


  4. if it was MY trip, which i'm completely aware it is not, i'd pick prince edward island.

    however, you are right that it is his grad trip. if he wants beachy, you may want to think beachy. San Fran isn't too far from the coast if you're up to a little drive, but I think miami could get old fast.

  5. I voted for Quebec, but given that it is David's vacation and he wanted the beach, I'd actually recommend you look at the Gulf side of Florida like Sanibel Island. I think it would be more relaxing and less trashy.

  6. My first inclination was PEI. But after your cons for that place - especially hesitancy about possibly spending too much $$ plus a little too much driving - mmmm....maybe not. Although I've heard it's beautiful (as the above comments testify).

    Like Micha said if David wants beachy, go beachy. But definitely not Miami. San Fran is a nice in-between place.


    I love your blog. I love your header. I'm a lurker - oohh, oohh, aahh! You're family is gorgeous!

  7. First of all, let me say, "I love your blog." There, that's been said.

    If you choose Miami do not stay in Miami! Stay in Key Biscayne! Key Biscayne is much safer, much more lovely than anywhere you can possibly find in Miami. I don't think you'll find Miami to be relaxing. And, it's not exactly beautiful, if that's what you're looking for. We live in Nebraska; however, I have a spine disease called Syringomyelia and my spine surgeon happens to be at University of Miami. Needless to say, we've had plenty of travel to Miami. We have always chosen to stay at Key Biscayne. There are some great restaurants in Key Biscayne too! Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of wonderful restaurants in Miami. Miami is big, dirty and I believe, dangerous. Well, I suppose any big city is. When we stay at Key Biscayne we rent a condo. When we first started going there was a great resort called The Sonesta; however, it is no longer there, boo hoo. There is a lame little motel, bad experience and a Ritz Carlton. Those are your only two motel/hotel options at Key Biscayne. I have a great realtor who can help you with your Key Biscayne accomodations, if you decide to go there! Here's a great website for Key Biscayne:

    Oh yeah, Key Biscayne is Island Paradise! What about Key West if you're thinking Florida?

    I think you'd find a lot more romance in San Francisco or PEI. I have been to S.F., but not to PEI so I can't give you advice on PEI.

    May is going to be here before you know it! Whever you choose to go I know you'll enjoy every minute of your vacation!

  8. I voted before I read the pros and cons. Sorry, but as soon as I saw Prince Edward Island I knew what I was voting for- cause I too grew up on that movie you speak of, which I knew that was the movie you were speaking of before I even clicked on the link. I like to believe that Anne and Gilbert are real and the two of them made P.E.I. the most romantic place on earth- just have David take you to some small bridge there, hold each other, and then say to him, "I just want you David." And then kiss passionately and your vacation will be made! (Too cheesy? Come on, it was so romantic in the movie- but maybe it was so great because they made us wait and watch 4 VHS tapes to finally see the two connect!)

  9. I would say Quebec/Prince Edward Island only because I grew up on Anne of Greene Gables too! My mother is in love with that movie. I think it would be wonderfully romantic and beautiful! Good luck deciding!

  10. I am guessing that you have a large female following, and we all are in love with Anne of Green Gables, so you might want to consider that overwhelming female bias when you actually decide.

    New England is lovely in May, all the trees are blooming. The lilacs come out and since spring progresses northward, you may be able to kind of see it twice (once in NH/VT/Maine area, and again in Canada when it catches up to you). The drive might be breathtaking.

  11. my vote is the "san francisco bay"!

    i grew up in a beach town just south of san fran, called half moon bay (lovingly referred to as HMB!). there are the cutest little bed and breakfasts on the beaches in hmb, great mexican food & sushi, and sfo is just 30 minutes away. this way peter can have his "beachy" vaca, and you can go to miette.

    i also highly recommend an amazingly pricy, but well worth the money, dinner at "the house of prime rib." it will literally be the most expensive dinner ever, but it is a san francisco land mark on van ness ave. and super tasty. it is the ultimate of fine dining!

    then of course you have alcatraz, ghirardelli square, pier 39, churros, ohhhhhh, i'm getting so homesick! let's not forget the golden gate bridge, along with it's most famous look out point where you must go for a kodak moment, lombard street, the trollies!!! oh the trollies! the fog rolls in over the city and cuddles you for a cozy treat. the sushi cannot be left out. mmmm, and clam chowder in a sourdough bowl.

    you will definately not have to worry about not knowing french...if you go to china town, which you absolutely MUST go to china town, you may want to know a word or two of chinese, but if not, just point to the pictures and hope for the best!

    you will never be bored, but you may spend more money than you want b/c the shopping is outstanding and the food is intoxicating! there's just nothing else like it.

    if i haven't convinced you yet, let frank sinatra seal the deal! "i left my heart in san francisco":

    The loveliness of Paris
    Seems someshow sadly gay.
    The glory that was Rome
    Is of another day.

    I've been terribly alone
    And forgotten in Manhattan
    I'm going home
    To my city by the bay.

    I left my heart
    In San Francisco
    High on the hill
    It calls to me.

    To be where little cables cars
    Climb halfaway to the stars!
    The morning fog may
    chill the air.

    I don't care!
    My love waits there
    in San Francisco

    Above the blue and windy sea.
    When I come home to you

    San Francisco
    Your golden sun will
    shine for me!

    happy hunting!!!

  12. to be where anne is ... ahhhh PEI!

  13. I voted for PEI because I'm a girl who also grew up on the movie and I looked at the lovely hotel and it sounded perfect. For chicks.
    I'm changing my vote to San Francisco b/c I really do love it. It's beautiful, romantic, there's TONS to do and see, you could take a drive to a beach or make a day trip and go see hearst castle, and tons of great restaraunts. Or spend a few nights in a small beachy town further south and then spend a couple of days in the city?

  14. PEI gets my vote, though I've never seen the movie. Sarah can get you a Marriott discount which might find you a better deal in SF, if you're interested.

  15. i would say miami, but try what Susan and K's country corner said, an island or something...
    or you could come to texas. just a thought.

  16. Definitely Quebec/Prince Edward Island. I think you'll regret not going if you don't. Although I'm sure you'd enjoy whichever place you choose, it sounds like you're leaning towards this option. Also, I think you could probably get around the cost issues with a bit of pre-planning and research. I hope all the comments and the poll helps with your decision!

  17. I would have to vote San Francisco.

    The beach is close by. Alcatraz is incredible (just went a couple of weekends ago and blogged all my fav pics...go take a look for yourself!) and the tour was intriguing. Napa Valley is a little warmer and only 1 hour north as is Sonoma and has great shopping and there is the cutest antique store on Second street in Napa. Napa also has amazing scenery and amazing food (who needs wine). I live in Napa...I could give you some great recommendations.

    But if I could pick somewhere not on your list....perfect beach, shopping, food, small town romantic feel, it would have to be San Clemente and Encinitas in Southern California. Our favorite beach vacation! I could also provide great recommendations there too. Like an amazing crepe place right across from the beach...little cafe chairs and tables (pics also available on my blog...just so you can see how beautiful it is.)

    Good luck picking a spot. Oh and try www.VRBO.com (vacation rentals by owner website) for less expensive accomodations and cozy darling places to stay....it just takes some searching!

    Have fun deciding!

  18. Hi! I think that PEI in May would be so lovely! There are beaches, but I don't know about water temperatures. I just know that, with the red cliffs and the spring flowers, it would be gorgeous!
    You can see L.M. Montgomery's (author of Anne of G.Gables) aunt's farm where she visited as a child (she loved it and went often), and see "Green Gables."
    You can trace the steps of Lucy Maud's life and learn more about this fascinating Canadian author.
    A quick search on the author's name could get you in touch with some serious students of her work, and they could also clue you in about travel there (I've heard it's a warm and memorable trip).
    They might be able to help you save a bunch of money!
    I know that the True Kindred Spirits group was very open and welcoming, if they still have a group, or I'd be happy to get some information for you. (I belonged to their group for about seven years. :)
    Good luck, and let me know if you need further help!

  19. Where's all the love for San Francisco?!

    I love that town: all the amazing food in Chinatown, the romantic spots, the cultural events. However, my biggest plug for San Fran is the proximity to Monterrey and Carmel. Carmel might be one of the most beautiful places on earth (and I've traveled the earth.) Imagine taking a convertible down the 1, stopping at Half-Moon bay, ducking into a seaside restaurant for a bowl of steamed clams, the shopping in Monterrey. Yes! PLEASE! TAKE ME TOO!

  20. De-lurking to give a shout out to San Francisco! You have to check out Hotel Boheme ... it's above $120/night, but the ambiance and location (in the heart of North Beach) can't be beat! The money you save on transportation by going to SF can be reallocated to lodging so you can stay at the Boheme!

    I've been to SF just once, for less than 24 hrs, but the HB and North Beach are etched in my mind and I hope to find the time and funds to return someday. Have a fun trip wherever you go!


  21. Quebec would be the most unique, and I think could be the most adventurous and different. You can experience new and amazing food, a new culture, a little bit of a new language, and something like Europe, without the trip over there :)

  22. Dear Lizzy Writes:
    You do not know me, but I have been sampling your blog ever since you were featured on cjane back in the fall. I have never commented, but I find myself unable to resist regarding this request for help. Oh my goodness, go to Quebec/Prince Edward Island! Is there even any discussion? San Francisco would be ideal-- gourmet food, shopping, ocean-- and Miami would be fun, but I just don't know if either can compare to the thrill of Prince Edward Island (or how I would imagine it to be...). It would be fabulous. Seriously. My sister WAS moving to Maryland in early June, and we were going to join them in MD, and then drive up the coast into Canada. Our final destination was Prince Edward Island. But plans have changed, and she is moving closer to us here in CA, and I now find myself reluctantly canceling reservations for my dream visit to PEI. So, really you must go, and then tell us all about it! Oh, and I am also one who grew up on THE movie. Need I say more?

    (sorry this is so long!)

  23. Being from England, I hop over to Paris whenever I get the chance. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting outside a café, watching the world go by and not being able to understand a word being said around you! - it affords you the chance to dream, rest and relax as you're not getting distracted by other conversations. And because French is such a beautiful language, it lulls you into a sense of belonging to another world. I think being amongst the stunning natural surroundings of Prince Edward Island will be magical! SF is amazing - would be my second choice. Have fun!

  24. I live in S. Florida and I can tell you that Miami DOES = lame, trashy, bored. The people watching is AMAZING but how long can you do that? (If you are going to come to FL, come to the west coast ie Sarasota or Naples).

    My vote for you is Quebec, PEI as I have been planning a trip there for our family and there is so much to see and do and really give yourself a European-esque vacation without having to spend any Euros!

  25. i would recommend pei/quebec.......the thing is, you will drive as they are 2 separate provinces (like 2 separate states) but in between, you will drive thru nova scotia & new brunswick as well. it is absolutely beautiful country....i am from newfoundland on the east coast, so i could be biased, but it really is wonderful.

    quebec will offer old world charm, wonderful food and atomsphere. not knowing french shouldn't be a problem. there is also fantastic shopping!!

    pei has beautiful breaches (although in May you might not be able to go swim) lovely restuarants....the fisherman's wharf was our favorite and lots of tourist things to do.

    big decision....sf & miami would be wonderful too. good luck and enjoy what ever you decide!

  26. I think I read somewhere that this summer they are celebrating 100 years of Anne. I vote PEI...

  27. I voted for Miami - not because it was really my pick, but because of the point that you made that this is supposed to be David's trip and that he wants beachy.

    That said - truly, my personal pick would be PEI. ;)

  28. Thank you so much for asking for my opinion! Boy, am I happy to oblige!!!

    Let me start with my vote... Quebec/Prince Edward Island. This is the totally selfish portion of my reasoning, but I've personally always wanted to go because I grew up reading Anne of Green Gables and this was where she grew up! The less selfish reason for my recommendation, and totally for you & your husband's enjoyment, it seems like it would be a beautifully relaxing get away with tons of things to see and do. Relaxing atmospheres when you go on vacation are the best options by far!

    Now for the logic behind why I did not pick Miami or San Francisco for you... you both have conservative values. (I must say I am making a judgment on this since I only know you through your blog.) Both San Fransisco and Miami are totally liberal hot spots full of all kinds of eye candy you may not really want to devour while celebrating such a monumental occasion. Don't get me wrong, I love both of those cities. However, to celebrate a graduation, where so much hard work and dedication have been given, it just seems to me the logical choice would be to totally relax in complete and utter beauty...hence, Prince Edward Island!

    My best to you both as you make your plans!

  29. Although I do agree that Miami is rather lame, there are a few added benefits to said lameness. First, there are a number of older hotels/condo buildings with in-room kitchens for a nice cost savings. Second, because Miami doesn't cater to non-drinkers you can simply relax on the beach and read! I went with friends in college and we each read at least four books during our week of beachiness. And finally, BLACK BEANS AND RICE! The Cuban food is delicious in Miami. You can't go wrong with that!

    With all of that said, I personally would chose PEI. Bring a French dictionary and give it your best shot, but don't be embarrassed to ask for help.

    Good luck with your decision! It may be a tough decision, but they all result in a VACATION!

  30. I am a beachy person...I love Florida, I go so much I think my zip code starts with a 3!!! I am not a Miami person, but I can recommend the gulf side...it is simply beautiful. The sand is white and powdery and the water is much calmer. There are some great spots to get shark teeth right on the beach. If you would like, I could give you some great ideas on hotels that are very reasonable. Have fun...I think this is a very cool way to plan a vacation.

  31. as someone who has lived in FL, i feel that you should know it is HOT. and miami is a strange scene.

    quebec/prince edward island for sure!

  32. Okay, I don’t normally comment on blogs, but when I saw your poll, I had to put in my two cents!

    It is his graduation trip, but I really think you’ll both enjoy PEI. My husband’s family went to Canada for vacation one year, and they loved it! Plus, the opening scenes to Anne of Green Gables? Beautiful! But I think it’s more than just good scenery and Anne-of-Green-Gables overload (which your husband may or may not understand). There’s plenty of opportunities for golfing and sailing, which would be fun for both of you. A completely different kind of beach. I think you’ll love it!

    (Thanks for this post, by the way. My husband will graduate from law school next May, and now I’m inspired to plan him a graduation trip! Definitely something to look forward to!)

  33. As much as I'd like to say San Fran (that's where I honeymooned...so it has a special meaning) it sounds like Quebec/Prince Edward Island is the best choice. Not only will it be way more romantic, fun, new - it will feel like a true million dollar vacation of of the U.S....not that there's anything wrong with the U.S. - but, hopefully you know what I mean! :) Good luck and congrats to David!

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  35. Now what did we learn from "Anne of Green Gables"...a) kindred spirits exist b) orange hair girls are charming c) prince edward island is gorgeous. therefore you should totally go to PEI...how romantical and cultured.

  36. Yeah... I went to SF in September with some friends and we got a hotel off the internet. It was $160 a night and creepy. And it was the best one for the price!

  37. I too vote for PEI...It is gorgeous, and if you are a big fan of "the movie" and books, then you will love this place. It is breathtaking and you will not leave regretting spending any time there.

  38. Quebec all the way!!! I spent my mission there and it's a definite must! The food, the culture, the views, the people, all of it. And yes, it's the closest thing to France without the dreaded plane ride. Don't worry about not speaking french...most people speak English quite well. I'm hoping this is the one you choose!!! San Fran is great and all but not even close in comparison. Happy choosing:)

  39. I voted for Quebec/PEI because my parents honeymooned there and almost 35 years later are still talking about it. And my husband led a biking trip across PEI and is still talking about it, so they are both places that seem to get in your blood and stick with you! We spent part of our honeymoon in Miami. If you end up there, I would recommend the Coconut Grove area and the Mayfair Hotel.

  40. De-Lurking to give you my advice about Miami. I am from South Florida but now live in Virginia. My vote was for PEI because it looks awesome, but if you really want a beachy vacation in Florida, I agree with some of the other comments that there are much more beautiful beach areas in Florida besides Miami. I would also vote for the Gulf side...Sanibel or Siesta Key. Even north of Miami is great in Fort Lauderdale. That way you could spend a day down in Miami without being stuck there the whole time. You could even venture up to West Palm beach where there is some awesome shopping to be had!!! Also, the airboat rides on the Everglades are awesome. I just think there is so much more to Florida than Miami...I would stay somewhere else and maybe take a trip over for an evening to have dinner at Bayside (and shopping!) and drive the strip, but that's about all you need from there.

  41. I think PEI definitely looks awesome. And if I was going on a vacation, I would pick that because I live in the SF area. BUT, you don't. So I think SF would be awesome. It really is amazing. So much to do and see. And as for hotels, go priceline. We get awesome deals on it. We are going to disneyland next week and just got the crown plaza (3 1/2 stars) for $50/night (reg. $170). Go to this website: http://biddingfortravel.yuku.com/
    You can type in SF and find out what hotels are going for. Let me know if you need any help. You know what I just realized? I live here and we ARE going on a vacation to SF in March. My mother-in-law is coming to watch the kids for the weekend and we are going into the city to do all the things we always want to do but can't because of our little ones. Anyway, that is all.

  42. Well, I WAS going to suggest the Tampa Bay area (as opposed to Miami), but after reading Azucars comment, I wanna go to San Francisco!!!

  43. I think you should go to quebec/prince edward island for a few reasons. Wahoo, you can afford the hotel, that is VERY important. Neither of you have been here, so it would be new for both of you! Also you might have to do some driving but who says that has to be a bad thing. You get one on one time and beautiful scenery all at the same time. How can that be bad! Also it may not be beachy like David wanted but there is beautiful water scenery-WITH WHALES! That is awesome! Most important, where ever you go it will be great because you are together and he will be done with school!! :) Also you can share my funny story with David about my experience at the Nie concert if you get bored :) hee, hee

  44. Ok, so far it seems like everyone voted for PEI, but I say go to SF. You will have SO much fun. There is no shortage of things to do. You can shop, eat, you can even take a dinner cruise (they are great!). Hotels can be found. I promise. if you want help, I'd be more than willing to look into it for you. Seriously, this is one place you wouldn't regret (not that you'd regret PEI either...)

  45. I say San Fran! I think Quebec would have been my next choice, but a lot of driving is too big of a con for me. You'll have fun going to any of them though!

  46. I would definitely say you guys HAVE to go to PEI!!!!!! Steve's brother served his mission there and they all went as a family to pick him up! Steve wants to take me there someday because he said it is the most beautiful place he has ever been! My parents have friends in Quebec and they said that a lot of the people speak English there, so you won't really have to worry about that! Even if you do end up spending a little more money than you want to, it will so be worth it!!!! And you get to see the Anne of Green Gables house! How cool is that???

  47. I vote San Fransico, it is a great tie between the two. The beach is not to far away and the culture is fabulous.

  48. I love your blog!

    I have to say San Francisco its one of my favorite cities to go to. There are so many things to do.

  49. Go somewhere neither of you have been before! So Miami!

  50. you guys should definitely do san fran - you will be in foodie heaven. and surprisingly enough you can find some great beaches, they may even be warm if you are lucky (although the water is always freezing).

    p.s. you can totally stay with us - we've got an extra bedroom all set up for guests, we're right by the golden gate bridge, we've got five bikes too - morning rides along the water are AMAZING. seriously - think about it if you come!

  51. So the only place out of the three I have been to is San Fransisco. We went there last spring break and it was so fun! The Warf, having fresh clam chowder in a bread bowl while admiring the San Fransisco bridge, and the shopping...oh the shopping is amazing. They have an Anthropologie! It was really fun, romantic, and didnt break the bank.

  52. so I think I'm a lurker and this is my first comment... sorry for lurking for so long! :)

    I voted for San Fran. There is so much to do and see and you don't have to spend money for all of it! Walking the piers, going through the park, walking across the golden gate bridge- all great things. Plus you can drive just a little for a great beach and go to Carmel which is one of my favorite places ever.

    Good luck- can't wait to hear what you decide!

  53. I love San Fran, but my vote is for Quebec/PEI. I love traveling out of the country. I haven't been there, but it sounds tres chic and beautiful. They're bilingual, so English would be fine, I am sure. And gourmet tour!... why are you holding a vote?! Miami? I would say lame--even though I love Cuban food (mentioned above). If he wants beachy, there might be something affordable somewhere cool--like Playa del Carmen.

  54. Prince Edward Island is my vote....You know, something for him AND you....Anne and golf..wow, that sounds so great maybe me and the Mr. better book a trip!

  55. well I would have to vote for sf! We lived there for 4 years, loved every minute! Very sad to move. I would suggest mamas in north beach, best food ever. The line is worth the wait go early in the am. We just visited last month and found a very nice 4 star hotel from priceline for 99 dollars we thought it was a long shot getting that price but we got it! Yippee for us. Can't wait to hear where you go.

  56. Three excellent choices, three very different venues. I've actually been to all three places! I voted for Quebec City and PEI b/c we went there (both) on our honeymoon. Had a fantastic time and yes, did lots of driving but hey - no biggie. On PEI it's remote. But lovely. We stayed in beds and breakfasts on the Island which were true B & Bs in every sense. They were bedrooms in people's homes and we loved it. We met so many interesting people and saw so many different places. We stayed two nights in Quebec and could have stayed longer. It was great. Interesting, etc. Four nights on PEI in four different homes. It was a very unique vacation. But you do have to drive. But it's gorgeous and different. But it might not be warm yet. If it's warm you want, and relaxing on the beach, well that's a no brainer then. I'm a Florida girl albeit north Florida (hence my blog Atlantic Beachlife) and I like nothing more than relaxing on the beach. And San Fran is a winner in my book too. Great city, great shopping, lots to see and do. I do vote for Canada b/c it's really a foreign destination and will be so different from here but if you choose SF or Miami I'm sure you will have a lovely time too!

  57. I think San Fran is the place.
    you have wine country an hour north, you have sunny beaches an hour south and the city at your finger tips.

  58. San Fran is fabulous for the shopping and the food. I hated how much accomodations were though. We paid $100.00 for a CRAPPY hotel in China town, and ended up spending double just to find something half way decent. It def. was not my favorite city that I've been to.

    My sis-in-law has a cabin on PEI {she's from Maine,} and they go every summer. Such an idealic place for the Summer time. Sailing, lobster, lighthouses. Sigh.

    and as for Miami..

    If you're going to go that far, you might as well go to Puerto Rico, hop on a ferry and go to Culebra Island. My husband and I spent a week their for Twelve hundred bucks total-airfare, camping,and food. Beautiful quiet beaches, snorkeling, and FUN.{ You do need to know a little Spanish though.. }

    Sorry there is my tid bit of info.

  59. Blog lurker here! I have been to all places, and hands down I would choose Quebec and PEI! You could also just choose Quebec, and stay in Old Montreal. The streets are cobblestone, tiny frenchie boutiques and cafes, bistros. It is truly so romantic. The city underground is cool too! There are awesome B & B's, so check those out too. All of Quebec is beautiful, and though French is the spoken language, most all know English. If you choose PEI, I would definately add Novia Scotia. The coast and the light houses INCEDIBLE! Peggy's Cove is the only cove I remember, but the coast of Novia Scotia is just like all those pictures of lighthouses, ramshackle boat houses and boats floating all over, dotted along the coast. But the seafood-like nothing you will ever try! The mussels, scallops, clams, oysters, LOBSTERS are all fresh, JUST caught and very much alive. I carried fresh mussels and lobsters home with me on the plane, on dry ice. Had an awesome dinner that night! Hope this helps! Plus, Miami and SF you can see any time. :)

    ps. just love your brother and Nie, and am prying so hard for them! Especially Steph. I wish I could ease her burden, even for just one day. You are so blessed to know and love her!

  60. My vote was for Miami as you said David wanted to go to a beach. I don't think it would be lame at all and you have so many possibilities to see more. My David and I spent our honeymoon in the Keys for 10 days. It was so beautiful and realxing. We did a few fishing trips and enjoyed the many miles of beaches. My David especially liked the beach that a topless French speaking woman!


  61. I voted for Quebec/Prince Edward Islands. As cool as San Fran and Miami sound, they seem like ''older'' people vacation places to go. Or maybe if you were taking a family. Fun and entertaining for the ENTIRE family. Plus, they're in the US. Since you have the opportunity to be alone with your hubby right now and there aren't other family members or kids, take advantage of it! Think about 20 years from now when people asked how you celebrated his graduation. We went to _____(fill in the blank). Canada sounds the coolest! What fun it would be to journey to a far(ther) away land and possibly pretend you're Ann searching for her beloved Gilbert, right? And about the language barrier, I'm sure they have enough tourists that they're use to it. The hotel you found is WAY adorable! You can't find that look with the local Motel 6 in Cali or Miama...With the exchange rate, you'll be saving money (or braking even since you might spend more here).

  62. Canada is magical. He only graduates once. The magic is there! GO! The beach and San Fran will always wait. Canada on the other hand is across the border...you never know what's going to happen with these crazy times. Cross the border and have a magical vacation!

  63. Decisions, decisions...My first choice would be San Francisco because I'm from the Bay Area and think everyone should go there. But, it can expensive and I for one don't like vacationing on a tight budget (hmm...maybe that's why we haven't been on a real vacation yet!). So, I vote for PEI. A gourmet tour sounds awesome! It's further away so it's more like a "real" vacation (at least in my book), and sounds so relaxing and romantic, especially after David's graduation and the year you've had. Whatever you decide, I hope it is wonderful and magical!! Have fun!

  64. Congrats on graduating to David! That is a huge accomplishment! About the trip, I vote for San Fran simply because it is such a great town. You have it all, Alcatraz is so great (you HAVE to get the audio tour or it is not nearly as good), the fat, gigantic seal things are fun to watch, the water is right there (complete with sharks), they have a wax museum (I have never gone to one but been by many in my time-are they worth it?), they have the trolley (relatively cheap), they have China Town, Great Bridges, Tall Buildings, A great theater (I used to see phantom there for like $15-only ten years ago..how much could inflation affect that, right?) Hey Nose bleeds seats were made for me -to leave part way in and move forward that is. :) The shopping in San Fran is actually decent (and who doesn't need a junky knockoff t-shirt and a loaf of sourdough bread?) And who can forget the rickshaws-the poor guys take you around the town for a few bucks..and they don't charge extra for each extra pound you weigh (If I rode I might worry about such things.) :) And of course, San Francisco has a great golden gate park, aquarium, the wharf, Ghiradelli chocolate factory, Boudin Restaurant and more. And lest we forget the curviest street in the world we would be missing something fantastic. Where else do countless people take pictures of a asphalt road? I seriously wonder how many accidents occur on that street. That would make for interesting trivia. So, you know, I think it is pretty clear I vote for San Francisco. But that is probably because I have been to Miami (don't take the wrong streets) and quite frankly, it is not my favorite beach. The Beaches in Spain (San Sebastian) are the best I've seen. As far as Canada, I am told it is beautiful beyond beautiful. You really have a tough choice. The best of the best vacations. I wish I was you. I am going to be taking the four children in our trusty minivan to California to see the Amusement Parks and Laguna Beach. I hope you have a wonderful, amazing trip!

  65. P.S. Did you check hotwire.com for cheap hotels in San Francisco? I love em! :)

  66. All are great places except i agree about the 'you might get bored after a few days in miami.' I am Canadian (living in the capital-Ottawa) and will say that you would love PEI and Quebec (doing both?) BUT i am not sure what time of year you are coming? PEI is beautiful in the summer and I have not met one individual that has been there on vacation that did not have the most wonderful time.....
    Now, San Francisco-i love that place-it is one of my fave places to go. Fortunately my hubby has to go there on biz from time to time so we can stay on his expense acct but when we couldn't, i found this place http://www.sanremohotel.com/ and turns out that I found out after we stayed there that it was featured on a travel show and is mentioned a lot for 'value stays.' We stayed there for a few nights and thought it was good value for the money. Also, it allowed us to walk thru several funky districts because of where it was. There is so much to do in San Fran and surrounding areas so it really is hard to pick. So, i vote for San Fran or PEI-let the buck determine if you are really stuck:)

  67. Go for Prince Edward Island, very relaxing but you won't be bored. Plenty to see and you don't need to know French. I'm from New England and know have friends that summer up there and we love to visit.

  68. I DEFINATELY vote Prince Edward Island!!!!! I took a trip there a few years back and fell in LOVE with the place! There are gorgeous beaches there too...probably not like Miami, but you also won't have the sleaze Miami could have.

    Don't worry about the whole speaking French thing. You will be just fine!

    We drove up from NYC when we went. It was a long drive from there. Make sure to take the ferry...not the long way around. That will save you time and $$ if I remember.

    Also, make sure not to miss the Anne of Green Gables home and estates.

    Ahhhh. Just talking about it makes me want to go back!!

  69. As a canadian I'd say skip Quebec and just stick to PEI or even Nova Scotia. it's beautiful there in May and has great seafood if you're into that sort of stuff.

  70. I think Quebec is so romantic. Just something about it . . . I want to go back. And who doesn't love Anne and Gilbert! It's quiet, beautiful, cheap, romantic. Quite possibly a very close to perfect vacation. Where ever you go, have fun. I'm excited too cause when you go it will be May and that means it's warm where I'm residing (Provo). Yeah for warm!!

  71. Did I say Quebec--I meant PEI . . . you knew what I meant.

    I do have to add though, I read your pros and cons after voting--sorry, I see that vote button and just have to push it--SFran could be better just because it is closer. And if hubby wants a beach, it's probably closer. I dont' know CA very well, though so I don't feel qualified to give advice there. If I went back and read all your comments, I'm sure I'm saying nothing new here. So anyway, have FUN!!! wherever you end up going.

  72. San Fran...i read emily style blog..and makes we want to go really bad. I be if you email her she could probly give you some great tips and maybe even know of a cheaper/better hotel!! Congrats to your honey and have fun!!

  73. i left MY heart in SF.

    truly a city of romance, great food, interesting people, never ending sites to see, you don't need a car, did i mention amazing food? xox

    we rented bikes and rode over the SF bridge to a quaint little town for lunch...the wharf soooo interesting. shops 'til you drop. the library was well worth the stop. i think the chances of beautiful weather is excellent. we went over spring break and it was perfect.

  74. I LOVE San Francisco, but it's an expensive city. Lots of fun things to spend your money on, though.
    I've always wanted to go to Prince Edward Island so I voted for that one.
    Have fun no matter where you end up!

  75. Definitely Quebec/PEI. The chances are pretty good that you will have opportunities to go to SF or Miami again in the near future, but not so much with PEI! Go for it!

  76. My recommendation would definitely be Quebec/Prince Edward Island! If Paris is for lovers, than PEI is for lovers AND kindred spirits (and bosom friends), which I'm sure you and David are. Plus I really, really, really want to go there, so I can live vicariously through you if you go.

  77. Hi Lizzy!

    My vote is for PEI (seems to be the favorite). For many many reasons. Of course you would have fun wherever you go because you'd be with David. : )

    I've been to Miami twice. It IS beautiful. I definitely had more fun the first time when I was younger and SINGLE. Lots of fun nightlife. But I would be fine if I never went back.

    I LOVE San Francisco. So if you choose that, I can make some recommendations. I live in So Cal but my husband and I go up there at least once a year. We have family just north of the city over the Golden Gate Bridge (Novato). It is a fun city.

    My choice - PEI!!! Of course, Anne of Green Gables is one of my FAVORITE MOVIES! You reminded me that I need to pull my old VHS of the movie out of storage and watch it with my 3 1/2 year old.

    I was going to go to PEI with my sister Cindy about 10 years ago. We were in our mid-twenties, after college and we wanted to visit all the gorgeous places from the movie. We went to book our trip with a travel agent and she talked us out of it! We did a Contiki trip to Europe instead. Don't get me wrong - the Europe trip was amazing. But, I never got to PEI and am not sure if I'll ever get there now : ( So, I'm counting on you to go and take lots of pictures so that I can live vicariously through you!!! : )


    Jennifer B.

  78. my dad just went to eastern canada and absolutely loved it. i've been to SF many a times and its a blast but can be very busy and everything is SOOOOOO expensive. and chances are it will be cold. never been to florida but i've heard mixed things about it. quebec/pei just sounds fun and different and nice. plus, i'm a big fan of nice hotels... they are the best!

  79. I vote for Prince Edward Island! But maybe I'm biased...because my fiance is from there :D It's such a beautiful holiday although I recommend going closer to summer because it's prettier and more shops are open for the tourist season. I must say: you definitely do not need to know French to go to PEI. I'd say a very large portion of the population speaks English there (many as a first language...although there is a fair but of Acadian too). Best of luck!

  80. If David wants beachy I would agree that while Miami is nice it wouldn't be my 1st choice. If you want good restaurants, good night life, South Beach is the place. But, you probably won't find an inexpensive hotel.

    I would suggest staying in the keys. Grab a car in Miami, or maybe a motorcycle, and head to the keys

  81. Oh the food in San Fran and the Bay Area. You could even go to Napa, we loved Ad Hoc (Thomas Keller). There is such a variety of things to do in the the city and around. Just keep looking for hotel deals, we found a good one at the last minute just a few weeks ago.

  82. My vote is definitely for P.E.I. My Mom and I went there a few years ago and it was gorgeous! I also grew up reading L.M. Montgomery's books and had always wanted to visit. The colors are amazing- photos do not do it justice- and you can just drive or bike along the scenic roads for hours. The people are really friendly too.

    A few notes for you though:

    On P.E.I the main language is definitely English, not French. I think most of the French speaking Canadians are in Quebec.

    There are tons of BEAUTIFUL beaches on P.E.I. In fact you could spend the whole time driving from one end of the island to another to visit beaches. There is one on the northern tip of the island that you can watch the sunrise at that is amazing. I also highly recommend the Cedar Dunes Provincial Park.

    You definitely do NOT want to fly into Manchester- that is soooo far away from P.E.I. You want to fly into Halifax, and I believe that Southwest (or their Canadian counterpart) flies into there. Manchester is days away so it wouldn't make sense to fly there and drive to P.E.I.- unless you are taking a very long vacation. You might also be able to book a flight from Manchester (if that's the only place you can fly into) straight to Charlottetown right on the island- which in the end would be cheaper than driving all that way I would imagine.

    So from touring Green Gables, eating amazing seafood, stopping at charming pottery shops along the side of the road, walking red sand beaches and traveling through the vibrant green hilly landscape dotted with shockingly purple lupines, I definitely urge you to visit Price Edward Island.

  83. I used to live in Miami & have visited San Francisco several times. I've never been to Quebec, but I would LOVE to go there. If I had a choice, it would be Quebec (1st place) and San Francisco (2nd place). Miami, um...no.

  84. This is kind of off-topic, and could give you one more thing to think about. BUT... check out this amazing deal from British Airways. You could go to London! I tried to paste a link here, but it isn't working. Go to the British Airways site and click on the US site. They are having a sale where you can go to London from about $310.00 round trip AND you get two nights free in a 3 or 4 star hotel. That could be pretty cool. Actually, I just want someone to be able to go and take advantage of this awesome deal. My husband is a medical resident and there is no chance he'll be getting time off.

  85. I've been to PEI and it is lovely, gorgeous. So pretty...and the people were extremely nice. We drove from Boston and wow was it a long trip. Maybe doing Quebec and PEI would be too much travel/driving and not enough relaxing, though one or the other may be good. Miami is fun but I agree with others that after a few days it kind of loses its luster, and if you don't drink or like the bar/club scene then you may be at a loss for things to do there. I LOVE san fran, though because it is a city you may not find your vacation too relaxing. What about Santa Barbara? It is beautiful there...nice shopping, great restaurants, and beach!

  86. Lurker here, through and through. :^>

    I voted for Quebec. I have never been there, but it sounds so nice and peaceful, doesn't it? (Draw up a budget of how much you can afford to spend and then you won't overspend . . . at least not too much.)

    (I have been to San Francisco and it is quite lovely. Also a nice place, but can be quite "city-ish".) :^> I guess it depends on how much relaxing you want to do.

    p.s. will the winner get to come along? :^>

  87. Just returned from a vacation in San Fran over the holidays. We always use Priceline for hotels and get amazing deals on four star hotels. We were able to get the San Francisco Marriot on 4th street, which was a great location, for $90 a night. The rate on any other site was $160-180. Friends of ours got a three star Sheraton by Fisherman's wharf for $74 a night.

  88. San Francisco is more practical when you become a mommy and daddy. Go for the adventure while you have the chance. Congrats on graduating, my hubby was in school our first 9 years of marriage, what an accomplishment! Enjoy the next phase life brings.

  89. My vote is for San Francisco!

    Why? Well, let me tell you...

    ... because you can choose to be as relaxed or as busy as you want to be - you can wander through the city one day and stroll along the beach the next day

    ... because of the food! North Beach's gelato, Sausalito's fish 'n chips, Vietnamese cuisine, Ghirardelli chocolate

    ... because there is nothing like the thrill of walking across the Golden Gate Bridge (which is absolutely free, btw)

    ... because of the peacefulness of John Muir Woods, just on the north side of the Bridge

    ... because the weather is mild all year long - it's never going to be too hot or too cold

    ... because even though hotels are pricey, if you go through priceline you can get really awesome deals at a really great price (we did that on our trip to New England last October and got luxury rooms in cities like Boston for $65 that normally would have been $160)

    BUT, rest assured that wherever you go, you will have an AWESOME time!! You and your husband will be together... and that's all that will really matter in the end. I can't wait to hear where you decide to go!! :)

  90. If this poll is any indication, I'd say you are definately going to Prince Edward Island!!!!! That is definately my vote too!
    If you need any convincing read Colleen Kuerth's entry again!!! Pictures don't do it justice. My Brother in law served his mission there, and even though I don't think he even knows who Anne of green Gables is, he says it's a beautiful place.
    They speak English there so you wouldn't have to worry about that issue, You'd get to leave the country and experience something new and diffrent.
    Don't wait. Do it while you can! You can go to San Fran anytime, and Miami will be there when you're old and grey too.
    Love ya! (I'm so jealous of your adventurous spirit!)
    Amanda Freeman

  91. Hi...I live in Florida & Miami wouldn't really be a "beachy or relaxing place to go" If you really want to go to a beach or relaxing place you may want to look to the gulf side beaches, nicer, calmer & possibly more fun...Try the area I live, St. Pete/Clearwater or even a little further south, such as Sanibel Island..Both of these are close to Orlando if you want to make a day trip that way..That would be my suggestion if you are interested in Florida.

  92. I have been to all 3 locations, and I will tell you, Quebec City is by far the most interesting, romantic place. I actually drove from Boston up to Quebec for their winter carnival. My expectations were low, but once I was there it was AMAZING. I felt that I had escaped to Europe...old buildings, beautiful walkway along the St. Lawrence river, people speaking French. I absolutely loved it. The drive there was really not bad, in fact it was quite pretty....there was so much to see!

    HOWEVER, if your husband is looking for Beachy, let me make a small recommendation. If you are willing to go to Miami, you might as well go the extra hour to the Bahamas. It is SO beautiful there, not so urban...much more quaint! My favorite beach experience ever was sitting ocean side in the bahamas and snorkeling off and on throughout the day.

    Whatever you pick, I am sure you will have a wonderful time!

  93. I served my mission in Quebec, so I might be a little partial, but honestly, May is the most beautiful time to be there. (Or October, but that's different). In May, flowers will be blooming, trees will be full of luscious leaves, birds and squirrels will be everywhere, and the temperature will be perfect with a slight breeze. From one to another who loves great food, there's plenty of that to be had as well. And if you could make it to PEI, wow is all I have to say. I haven't been there, but I am dying to go. Good luck choosing!

    And for a suggestion, if you do decide on San Fransisco, check out criagslist and see if anyone is renting a condo for the time you'll be there. My husband and I have used that tool before to find really affordable, comfortable vacation rentals. And since you love cooking, that's a bonus.

  94. Oh and there are PLENTY of bilingual people to get by in Quebec... you'd be surprised at how often you can't tell the difference between a French or English speaker by the accent alone.

  95. SFO is close enough to you that you will probably have lots of opportunities to go again. MIA is great for a day or two, but there is lots of sleaze there. Quebec and PEI are fabulous. They're a bit further away so the chances of you getting there again anytime soon decrease. (Especially once you have kids!) May is a lovely time to go too! The language isn't really an issue-- most are bilingual, and besides it might make it that much more exciting. My favorite thing to do along the drive is look for charming antique shops (there are lots!).

  96. Not to change your mind but have you checked out the great deals to Europe? You might want to take a peek!

    I think all 3 sound fun, it just depends what your in the mood for. If you think Miami might be to trashy you could drive through then head North to Palm Beach or South to the Florida Keys. I've had a few layovers in Palm Beach (I'm a flight attendant for SWA) and really enjoy the shopping. :)

    I've been to Quebec city and it's very French! I flew into Providence RI then drove to Maine then Quebec City and I think I flew out of Manchester. It was a lot of driving. If I was going to go back I'd go to Vermont. I drove through a town called Woodstock that had covered bridges that were to die for. I'd also like to visit the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory and the Von Trapp Family Lodge. This is the same Von Trapp's from the Sound of Music. It's said that they settled in Vermont because it reminded them of Austria. If it's anything like Salzburg it would be amazing!

    Good luck with your travel plans. I have a travel blog if you want to check it out for ideas... Postcards and Coasters! Good luck

  97. Miami will be boring and trashy, you guys will be "over it" quickly, San Fran is awesome but it's a fairly quick trip so you could do that any time, Quebec is different and lovely and looks very romantic. Oh heck, I just love Canada...what can I say?

  98. I posted under the wrong account. So I am just reposting.

    My vote would be for SF. I didn't read the above comments so I could be copying. Since you and Dave love good food and culture, I would vote for SF. Also, bc it is cheaper to get to, you would have more money to spend on great food.

    I heard Miami is hoping, but I think it is clubbers town. However, South Beach would be pretty amazing.

  99. helloo.... We don't know each other but I came across your blog through cjane awhile ago :o) Anyway, I didn't read through the nearly 100 comments, so I don't know if this was recommended, but I HIGHLY recommend:

    ATLANTIS on Paradise Island, Bahamas.

    I don't know if you've ever been, but seriously, it is worth the trip. It was actually my college graduation trip this past August. Theres lots to do (if you like water & water rides & the beach), its be-au-ti-ful and so much fun. Lots of great restaurants, marine life exhibits, water rides (have I mentioned theres lots of fun water rides?), the option to swim with dolphins (which I didn't get to do in Atlantis, but I did do in Orlando and I can't wait to do it again!) and the beaches have crystal clear, warm waters and the finest sand you'll see. And the architecture is amazinggg... ohh and there's a casino! And shopping! And a marina... and live music everywhere you go.

    *Sigh* Can you tell I miss it? Check out the Atlantis website! We stayed in the Royal Towers, which is most centrally located, so I think its best to stay there. My boyfriend and I loved it, and constantly talk about going back - plus, they have lots of great offers right now including a $200 rebate. If you have any questions I'd be more than happy to answer them.

    Unless, of course, none of that interests you and you want to stick to your three choices. Just wanted to throw Atlantis out there in case it didn't cross your mind!

  100. I suggest Quebec/PEI just because of all the uniquenesses. Although our dear Canadian friends are just to the north of us, culturally it is quite different and very lovely. (I gre wup 30 miles from the Canadian border.)

    They are a bilingual nation so knowing French would help, but it is far from an important requirement.

    As for the exchange rate, ignore it. It's a not a factor, no benefit. The prices of things (food!) are much more expensive so the costs make up for any benefit in exchange rate. Truly. Check out the prices in an American McDonald's and a Canadian McDonald's if you don't believe me. It's an quick, simple comparison (not that I recommend McDonald's and don't order a Double Big Mac!).

    No matter what you decide, have a WONDERFUL time!

  101. I realized I forgot to post my choice of the three, so I'm back. Out of your choices, I'd probably pick Prince Edward's Island. I've never been there, but Miami doesn't really seem very appealing. When I think of Miami, I think of singles and bar hopping. And I've been to San Francisco a number of times, and while I love it, I don't know how one would go about making a full vacation out of it. This is probably because whenever I go to SF, its only a day trip because when we are in California we stay with my family who lives an hour outside of SF. So I choose PEI out of your three choices. I still think you should consider Altantis, too! haha

  102. I haven't been to any of these locales but if I had my druthers I would go to San Fran and try to stay here....
    I'm not sure if a hostel environment is something that appeals to you but it seems like a great compromise between the pros and cons that you listed. Not a great distance for you to travel, many things to do in a city you love, and a lighthouse on the Pacific spells "beachy" to me. There are private rooms at a decent price and not too far from the city.

  103. If your husband says beach, then beach it should be. There are plenty of non-trashy beach sites that you could enjoy without spending a fortune. Definitely look into Key West. Also there are several lovely beaches in South Carolina and along the Florida panhandle. Have you considered the Bahamas?? Maybe an all inclusive resort in Mexico?? I'm sure you'll have fun wherever you end up!!

  104. I would go to Prince Edward Island. Mostly because I could stare at that picture all night. It looks very inviting. Miami is my second choice though... The beach calls my name in these frigid temps. we're having here in Idaho! Thanks

  105. You have to go to Green Gables. How could that be in question! In fact, don't you want us to come with you! I think it sounds dreamy!

  106. How lovely to look forward to a vacation! Okay, here's what you need to do: Regardless of where you decide to stay, it's an awesome time to travel because hotels are slashing prices. See this link (beach sale for david!) http://www.exploratorium.edu/cooking/index.html and this article http://travel.msn.com/Guides/article.aspx?cp-documentid=859129&GT1=41000 to see what I'm talking about.
    Your choices are all so fun and completely different. If you are treating your husband to a beach vacation, why not consider Destin, FL, which has GORGEOUS white sand beaches and is on the warm Gulf of Mexico (as opposed to the Atlantic). Good luck choosing & enjoy it!

  107. I vote SF. You forgot to mention ME as one of the attractions (!) and I can give you so many great local recommendations!

    love you

  108. Wow. I didn't realize howlovely Prince Edward Sound is. It looks quite beautiful from the photo you sent. I might have tio look into that as a family vaction. I love the look of it in the photo you posted.
    I think no matter where you both go as long a syou are together you will have a wonderful time. I think they can all be fun and realxing. Although not very balmy, warm San Francisco is full of rich history not to mention...Ghiradelli chocolates. Miami is nice...but a bit to houghty toughty? (unsure on spelling) Can't say anything about Price Edward since I've never been there. Sounds like a real treat!
    Well, no matter what you decide...ENJOY!!!

  109. None of the above! Stay home and save your money. You live with your parents and your husband is apparently about to graduate into the worst economy in decades (hopefully he is studying IT or engineering, or healthcare, etc. and not real estate, construction, banking, etc.). Stay home and save your money. I know it is not the fun option, but that's my vote.

  110. Hooray for an excuse for a vacation!

    Here are my two cents. If you want sunny, go CA. If you want green- go PEI. If you want to go a few weeks earlier and see your favorite me in the world- go to Miami.:) We'll be there in April for a convention for Shawn. Heck, you can just forget all of that and come to Portland. It's so pretty in May & there are lots of places to eat/shop. Papa Hayden is a downtown must!


  111. SF has so much to offer - even beach. You can drive to Stinson Beach (north of the city) or Santa Cruz (an hour south but a real beach town). The city is great bc you can walk everywhere, talk public transpo, as you mentioned) You feel like you are in a large metropolitan city but its quaint. There is little italy, chinatown - each neighborhood has the best food! There are lots of museums too.

  112. PEI is so beautiful. We also have excellent whale watching here in Nova Scotia, which is only a few hours from PEI.

  113. I'm from the Bay area and you can be in the redwoods one minute, at the beach another, and downtown in the big, beautiful city after that. (My favorite "beachy" place is Carmel, personally, but Santa Cruz is definitely a beach town...and it's closer.)

    I'd love PEI, too, but it seems like it would be more expensive. SF can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. There are delicious cheap places to eat, too. (Though I agree with Emily, who posted earlier, that House of Prime Rib is heaven.) I also agree with her that Half Moon Bay is charming.

  114. Prince Edward Island definitely! How can you pass up the opportunity to visit the places Anne walked?! I too love Anne and would love to visit that beautiful island!

  115. Quebec/prince edward island!!!


    Not speaking French is ok, people know English everywhere! I went to France last year (I know, two different places) but I had no problem finding someone to help me out with their perfect English. Plus... Look at that picture. GORGEOUS! And because I grew up on Anne of Green Gables and STILL crave watching it every so often.
    I just can't wait to see the pictures from your trip when you get back.

  116. If you hit the right places, Miami can be decidedly un-trashy - think retro-chic mixed with a little island cool. Take a peek at the Standard Hotel - located just far enough away from the loudness (and potential late evening lewdness) of South Beach. It is minimalistic and luxurious for not too much $. The bonus - turkish SPA. Simply amazing. I stayed here one night for business and plan to go back this fall as a "one last vacation before we try to have babies" trip with my husband. "Scandinavia meets old South Beach in this unique Art Deco refurbishment whose signature draws are its secluded location and its unique take on the day spa." You won't break the bank as long as you can resist taking too many treatments in the spa and eating all of your meals here! There are plenty of good bargains and good clean fun to be had in Miami - think sunset boat trips, basking in the sun with your honey on the beach, latin/cuban/carribbean eats. YUM. Though the Quebec/PEI trip looks romantic and yummy as well (oysters, yay), for a sunny vacation where you guys will truly be able to focus on each other - give Miami a shot!

  117. I'm dying to head into PEI myself. The movies were great and really amde me want to go...Someday!!! The beach is nice but after a few days there is just beach there. Sf...well it is only an hour away from where I live. Yes, there are plenty of things to see and do there, however prepare to spend an obnoxious amount of money of jsut about everything. As for me I'd check out a cruise. Once you factor in the hotel costs...renting a car and the food it really coems out to a great deal, plus you wake up and get to explore a new area every day...and the beaches are great!!!

  118. I would choose San Francisco, and I will tell you why:
    1. Miami doen't interest me only because I have been to Florida and he Bahamas and neither place did much for me. It was relaxing, I guess, but San Francisco sounds more appealing.
    2. I highly recommend going to PEI because it is absolutely gorgeous. However, if I were you I would go at the beginning of July instead of May. I was a missionary on the island (Summerside to be precise) during the summer of 2006, and I can tell you firsthand that July is the best time to enjoy the island. Not only is the weather perfect, but there are more activities and attractions available at that time. Don't even bother with Quebec.

    So, if May is the only time for vacationing, then I would choose San Francisco. But I will forever be partial to the Maritime provinces of Canada, specifically PEI, which is the only reason I commented here in the first place.

    The End


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