November 6, 2008

fall sale

my dear, dear friend, m, is having a fall sale here! yipee! m sells jewelry of pretty colors and shapes and she's having a sale! great news? I think so. check it out because . . . well, christmas is only 48 days away! yikes!


  1. I will go take a look. I use to not like how CHRISTmas started so early in stores. But then, I thought 'I Love it'. Bring on the celebration of Jesus' birthday. What a wonderful thing to celebrate.

  2. pink slippers - great attitude! :)

  3. did you notice you linked to my old blog! i haven't looked at it in a while!

  4. Liz,

    How are you? Your blog is so much fun and you are a beautiful lady. I wish we could have spent more time together in Mesa. I hope that you are well.


    Mindy Gledhill


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