November 17, 2008

etsy update

first things first - my new etsy items. sorry for the bad pictures. I'm using a new computer that won't let me adjust the lighting - so lame.
I call this one poppy tree.
I call this one winter scape.
remember this red barn? I'm still debating about selling this one. I really like it a lot and hoped to put it in a little man's room someday but who knows when that will be. in any case, if I do decide to sell it - malia has first dibs. I promised. what do you guys think? sell or no sell?

then, you guys, I am head over heels for this boy man babe. taking pictures of him while doing his homework was very enjoyable.
me: honey, make a funny face.
me: funnier!
me: david, you need to be funny!
(this is what I got)

and so it goes . . .

which totally reminds me of this nienie post. yes? I love that toad.


  1. Liz,
    Can you paint me something for Christmas?

  2. Keep the barn for yourself...

    As the song goes, "Someday, my Prince will come...."

  3. I just love the barn painting. Really great work.

  4. Keep the barn painting BUT make a number of limited prints. My sis is an artist and that is what she does:)

  5. I think you should keep it if you love it - so you can put it in your little man's room one day. Husband and I don't know when we'll have kiddos yet either but I find myself falling in love with stuff so I do go ahead with buying it/saving it and putting it in a closet! You might just miss it once you have the little guy and you don't want that!

    HAHAHA - When my husband did his schoolworl I'd watch him too - he flicked his ear like a little kid - it was hilarious to me - but I wouldn't dare laughing out loud! :)

    I'm headed to your etsy shop now. I'm buying all hand made for this Christmas

    Just thought...Maybe you could do a high res scan and sell prints of the barn and keep the original for the future babe? that would be cool!

  6. Liz, thank you for remembering me, but it might be too amazing to give up! You do have to keep some for yourself.

  7. Don't sell that...keep, keep, keep. It is just too cute!

  8. I would keep that barn painting for my very own if I were you...

    Alternatively, give it as a very special gift to someone you really love and will see on a regular basis. That way you can enjoy it every time you visit his/her home.

    JMHO, of course. (And I am a stranger, after you don't hafta pay attention.)


  9. I like your paintings, especially the barn. I agree that you should keep it. I paint myself and have regretted selling a few of my very favorites. I love your blog! So glad that I found it. :)

  10. Has anyone ever mentioned that you are seriously multi-talented?!!

    It was fun discovering you this morning...beautiful blog Lizzy. Lots of pretty, unique touches. Apparently, you're an html queen too :)

  11. Were you the one that made the "BE" plaques on your cousin Melissa's blog? I just loved them. If it was you...any chance of putting more on etsy or making some for me? Thanks!

  12. diane: yes! call me.

    lola and melissa ellen tweek: great idea about the print. I will do that!

    fl nixons: I don't know who made those "be" plaques on melissa's blog. they sure are cute though!

    everyone else: thanks for the compliments!

  13. Love that barn. You'll be happpy you kept it for yourself.
    Also, the "be" plaques were done by Liz Eaton (I think). She works or teaches at scrapbooks etc. (I think, again.) I grew up with her family. Melissa, correct me if I'm wrong.


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