October 30, 2008


I got to change christian's dressings last night. I wasn't sure about how gentle I should be with his skin so as I lifted his arm to apply ointment, he whinced and cried, "oh, that hurts!" I felt so bad until christian started grinning and said, "just kidding".
if there was any doubt - christian is still christian. isn't it great?

awesome picture from the awesome post here.

p.s. I'm leaving early in the morn to go here for this. if you live in the d.c. area, I'll see you there!


  1. A sense of humor will always carry one through. Glad to know he's got his firmly intact :-)

  2. As I started reading, I thought, I bet he is just teasing her...and sure enough~he was! I am glad he is able to be so positive while healing!

  3. haha oh that was so funny! i'm so glad to hear he's still got his sense of humor.

  4. Thats awesome that he freaked you out! I'm glad he still has a good sense of humor! That always makes things a little easier! :)

  5. Lizzy, you don't know me, but I live in Gilbert and as a million others, I have fallen madly in love with your entire family...every single one of them.

    Another good quote is "if you can't be kind, at least be vague"...or let's really get to the truth: At every moment, do what love requires. Which is exactly what every person in your big beautiful family has done, of course including the entire Clark family. All of you were amazing people before the accident, gifted with so many talents, every single one of you...but just look how you all chose to become more. Your family inspires me, lifts me up, and makes me want to become more. I want to thank all of you for sharing this difficult journey with the world...for your story of unconditional love and sacrifice is just what the world needs at this time in the History of the Kingdom of God.

    Also,please (written with great urgency) tell your beautiful, amazing, incredible Mommy that I simply adore her!!! Sending you all my love, Deborah

  6. This is my first time commenting on your blog... You are cuter Christmas!! I am so happy that Christian is doing so well and I read at C Jane that Steph sat up yesterday!!! WOW! Awesome progress!!
    You and your family will continue to be in my prayers!!
    Happy Halloween!!

  7. How amazing that he has come so far in such a short (ok, not really short, but short considering his injuries) time. I'm so glad he is home with your parents and Ollie. I hope he continues to improve every day. I'm still praying for all of you.

  8. I've been following your family's story via CJane and NieNie and I think I've visited your blog before.

    Today I found you again and felt the need to comment, especially since it seems you've been hurt a little by anon comments recently.

    Your family is truly an inspiration to me. I have struggles, but they are not nearly as difficult as what you and your loved ones have endured. And you've all handled everything with such grace and strength. It inspires me. I want to deal with frustrations better. I want to put my life into perspective. I want to strengthen my testimony.

    Thank you for your beautiful example.

  9. well that's great that he has an awesome sense of humor! and he hasn't lost it! i remember last summer helping my husband with his burns, washing them and then having to shave his face, it was not a fun thing to do, but sure was humbling...i think it's awesome you would do that for your brother.
    your family is amazing!

  10. I have been following your family's story--updating almost daily. Cried, laughed, laughed some more, smiled, been really touched and for the first time today, felt a brief bit of anger. How in all that is right and good could anyone say one negative, hurtful thing to ANY of you? It makes me SICK. And MAD. Fiery, fiery mad inside.

    Okay, now I feel better.

    I think all of you are incredibld people who have given me a real life story of faith and courage. And strength. And love. And grace.

    Thank you for all of your examples.

    Kristin Frey

  11. this is awesome - and so funny! :)

    much love from sweden.

  12. That is so good to hear!! I am smiling right now! Have a wonderful weekend. I wish I could go! (PS. you are gonna love my new post. I opened yet another can of worms).

  13. Hi Lizzy,
    I just came by from CJane and like the other commenter, I am in love with your whole family. I pray for Nie and Christian every night.
    I also clicked the link to your food blog-Oh My Golly! YUM!!!
    Take care & God bless!

  14. Only a brother could get away with that!

  15. My older brothers (six of them) are just like that. Twerps. I'd probably die of boredom if they weren't though.

    Good luck in the run.

  16. Okay this is going to make me look really stalkerish but I found your blog through cjanerun and your posts are so charming (is everyone in your family so artistic? sheesh what talent!) and anyway I came across a blog about your cousin Karren, who happens to be a long lost friend of mine from BYU, who I have always wondered where so went off to. And so now I know, so thanks! And also,I can't figure out how, but I know I know your husband from somewhere. Did he go to BYU? Anyway, that's all. Sorry for the stalking! Just had to share because I was excited. Oh and, I really like your style and you are very pretty! Have a great day!

  17. oh that makes me happy. have fun in d.c.- that should be neat.

  18. Hey Lizzy,
    I love your bike that Christian rode! Very retro. My sister wants a light pink Elecktra. It's really cute. It has little silver flames on it. And yes, you must have some fresh tulips hanging out of the basket. You will be totally in.

    Have a great time in DC. Good luck in your run.
    Can't wait to hear all about it.
    Happy Hauntings from Mi

  19. Oh that silly Christian!

    I hope lots of people show up for the run.

    God Bless ~

  20. aw: tender. {i love that.}

    so so happy to see progress...

    good to see you & chat w/ your bumblebee-self the other night. [with your super cute new hair.]

    oh, and ps:
    boo to anonymous. fer real. i've had my share of 'em on my blog as well...and they make me cry 9 times out of 10. (:

  21. Oh my gosh! How long will you be here?! I wish I could come over... If you have time, let me know... ;) Good luck with everything.

  22. I have one of those they are called----BROTHERS.

  23. Short but sweet post that brightened my day! Here to many more wonderful moments during Christian's recovery!

  24. Your family has always been a great example! I ran into one of your relatives the other day. She was surprised at how much I knew about the accident from following your blogs. She was even more surprised when I told her that I check up DAILY. And I told her I know many people who do the same. Thanks for the updates. Our prayers are always with you! My troubles seem small compared to the trials your family is dealing with. We love you guys!


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