September 16, 2008

pretty chair. stupid thief.

I love this chair. So much, in fact, that I am thinking of saving my pennies so that I can spend over $600 on it - WHAT? This is coming from the girl who buys chairs at Goodwill and recovers them in discounted fabric (example: here).

Also, can you believe that the police found David's truck? We are really sad because it is trashed (ignition torn out, major body damage, interior damage). You think that getting a $1,000 deductible is a good idea cause you'll "probably never have to use it"? Yeah right. AND, we had to pay $29.99 to get it out of the tow yard - stupid thiefs.

The worst part? The truck was just hanging out in ghetto Phoenix for a week until a neighbor called it in. No evidence. Just a stupid thief that took it for a ride.

Stupid thief.

Can I say it again? Stupid thief.

Pray that Stephanie's surgery will go well today!! Pray. Pray. Pray with all your might!


  1. STUPID THEIF is right!!! Why do people have to steal?? Are you guys going to have to pay a ton of money to get it fixed?

  2. Liz, Hi this is Aubray Shelton. I hope you remember who I am, we were in Teen Tones together. I have kept an eye out on your blog because it is very inspiring to me, I admire your style and tastes. I'm tapping into recovering bygones, any good tips on re-apholstery?
    I'm sorry for your brother and his wife, I hope all gets better. Take care...Aubray Belnap:)

  3. Amen to that - Dean had his iphone stolen yesterday from the gym, and I'm TICKED!!! Why are people STUPID!!!

    We are praying for Stephanie (& Christian!!!) - I hope the surgery is a success!!!

  4. I think you have every right to call that stupid theif a stupid bastard! I am glad that they found it though. I am sorry that this even happened. Now I need to repent for swearing. I am keeping Stephanie and Christian and your family in my prayers. You are always in our thoughts! Love ya!

  5. Here's a similar chair for a lot less...

  6. Was it the border crossers he saw when he went fishing? Because those guys seriously needed a car.

  7. Wow...a lot to let sink in...

    $600????? IT is a pretty chair though.

    I'm glad they found his truck, but really? Do you really need that kind of dumb stuff in your life right now?

    We are praying.


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