September 10, 2008

getting mail

thank you karren and taylor for this fantastic poster to put in c + s rooms (it will be rotated - for sure).
and thank you carina for the lovely paper chains. they are truly lovely - nie will love them! (p.s. did you know they were even shown on the news here in AZ? my mom draped them in front of the camera to show how nice you people are!)


  1. Oh my stars! That's so sweet!

    I loved making them because they are such a Stephanie thing. Sometimes I think we, as LDS folk, do best when we get to work after a challenge arises, nothing feels better than doing. I love that poster!

  2. Wow! That is seriously so amazing to see how everyone seems to be pulling together to try and help. It's all very inspiring! Thanks for the updates.

    Oh, and Liz, you probably already know this, but this is Lauren (smith) :) If you want to be able to view my blog, email me at so you know some complete stranger isn't stalking you :)

  3. Oh I love those! So cute! By the way, you didn't scold really, and it's nice to know you care - tee hee!

    I actually really enjoy blogging - but I am just blank right now. oh well. I am not losing sleep over it.

    I hope your picture turned out - I was just being a smart alec when I jumped in front. (will I ever grow up?)

  4. Hey Liz, just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you today. Not only because of Christian and Stephanie, but also because of today's added anniversary for your family. Love you and I'm praying for you and all of your family.

    (PS, I met Courtney today with Claire, Jane, Oliver and assorted other cousins at the little Creamery in Wymount! Tylan and I were on our way home from class and dropped in to get some milk when I saw a very familiar little red hair cut run by me followed by other very familiar faces. It was surprisingly surreal and Courtney was so sweet.)

  5. both of those projects are stunningly amazing. i love people. so warm & fuzzy.

    pray for you guys every day, girl.

  6. Hey Liz-

    This is Brooks Crandell. I used to be in Lynn Rae ward with you and am friends with Steve. Just wondering if I can get his email address? Thanks!

  7. Liz,
    Your mom & I are cousins. Erin is my daughter. Details. I enjoy reading your blog. I had to comment on this picture of you. YOU LOOK JUST LIKE YOUR MOM!!! Thanks for keeping everyone informed. Your brother & sister in-law are in our daily prayers.


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