August 24, 2008

launching prayers and hope

When I see how many people around the world are participating in the balloon launch for my brother and sister-in-law, I feel so much love for everyone who took the time to be a part of such a great event.
All day, I saw people around town picking up their balloons from the grocery store and we silently smiled at each other knowing just what each of those balloons held: wishes and lots of hope for Christian and Stephanie.My neighborhood also participated. With how big my family is (and because we love our neighbors so much), we decided to stick around here instead of doing the huge balloon launch at the Mesa Temple. The neighbors gather together in the cul-de-sac. David cheeses it up with two of my nieces. My nephew, Cal, holding his big, red balloon.


  1. It's awesome to see how many people let off ballons! We sent ours off from our apt in LA.

    I love the alphabet painting. I think it is so perfect for a nursery!

  2. beautiful.. i found your blog thru kelly mcalebs... I released balloons in Australia.. we pray that nie and christian may recover.. you have sucha beautiful family pulling together through this hard time.

  3. Releasing balloons felt like such a powerful thing. Like watching prayers physically drift up to heaven. My husband made a video of our little balloon release. Our prayers are with you and yours!


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