July 22, 2008

summer : fun : holidays

Well, I'm off to enjoy 10 glorious days of this

and this.

Say you'll miss me!


  1. miss you, and luker who loves your blog

  2. I will miss you -and hope you have a fantastic trip!

  3. i am missing you by being EXTREMELY JEALOUS!

  4. when you get back...I need to get the keys to that Broadway house ASAP! Call me when you're in town and I can even pick them up, if you're unable to drop them off at the office. THANKS! Raylene 480-299-3124

  5. Hey Liz! Hope you have fun on your summer holiday in the sun.
    So I'm moving to Boston at the end of August, I recall that you lived there. You'll have to let me know about all the cute shops, restaurants, and hangouts because I definately have respect for your taste. Looked like your husband had a fun b-day, isn't yours coming up in August if I remember right?

  6. p.s. I remember seeing you shopping in Anthropologie one time in Scottsdale when I worked there...I just helped open up the new one at Dana Park. You will have to come see me, the store looks great. They asked me to help a lot with the visual/art side of display and it was so enjoyable. Hope to see you soon.


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