July 20, 2008

birthday celebration

David's birthday surprise was a success! After work on Friday, I told him to get ready for our dinner at The Capital Grille. We both showered and my mom took a few pictures of us with my new camera.I directed David to Old Town Scottsdale (and pretended I was lost) until we arrived at Firesky Resort. I found a pretty good deal on Priceline and figured - why not? It seems no one I know has heard of Firesky so I was a little worried about the outcome. Turns out - there was no need! It was awesome. Very urban and had a great "boutique" feel. Kimpton Hotels has some cool hotels and this is no exception. We hung around in our room for a while until it was time for our reservations for dinner. I had arranged for the best table at The Capital Grille and I'm sure that's what we got. I'm also sure that it was some of the best food in the world. David started off with Oysters on the Half Shell while I had the French Onion Soup. The soup was so good that I became that annoying person who won't shut up about how good their food is. In fact, I'm pretty sure I became "Bob". After that, David had the classic cut of a Delmonico dry aged steak seasoned with a porcini mushroom crust and a light drizzling of premium 8-year aged balsamic. I had the sliced Filet Mignon served with whole cippolini onions and sautéed wild mushrooms. Of course, our sides had to be the Lobster Mac 'n Cheese (surprisingly delicious) and Au Gratin Potatoes. Dessert was amazing too. I had Crème Brûlée, which was very good, but David's Coconut Cream Pie was . . . I have NO words. The macaroon crust and caramel sauce on top . . . so . . . good.

After dinner, it was present time for David. He opened his presents
and I helped.
The next morning, we went to one of the resorts pools and swam for a while. The pool was very nice and it wasn't nearly crowded. Very nice.Then we decided to take off for the Scottsdale mall so David could use his Nordstrom gift card. Then it was back home where I took a long nap and David took pictures of it.
All in all, it was a fun weekend and I hope David is happy with his birthday celebration. I love him lots! Happy birthday love!


  1. oh wow! this gives me plenty ideas on how to surprise peter for his b-day... i just wish i had a babysitter to help with it all! :) you're a great wife, it looks like you had a great time, i love your haircut! you look fantastic!

  2. Can I just tell you that you two are adorable! How sweet and thoughful are you!? And I must admit, I have never heard of that hotel... but what do I know! I am glad it turned out ok!

  3. What a cute idea!!! You are super wife!

  4. Oh I totally want to go to that restaurant. YUM!
    Super fun getaway!

  5. What a fantastic birthday surprise! You're such a good wife. And I just have to say, you and David are one of the best-looking couples ever!

  6. the weekend sounds like it was a complete lovely success! i'm sure big D loved it and you even more ;o) and p.s. your camera is supa crisp.


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