July 1, 2008

M + S Wedding - June 28, 2008

Well, M's wedding was a success! She looked beautiful, he looked handsome, they looked happy and the universe is aligned (just kidding about that last part because I don't even really know what that means). It was so fun being a part of her special day and I'm so glad we went.
David and I drove up to Utah on Thursday night, arriving really late at our friend's house (Joe and Aubrey). Their house is amazing and right at the base of the Y mountain. Very pretty. The next morning, I went on a jog up the mountain and then around the neighborhood. There, I found my dream house. After I showered, David and Joe went golfing while Aubrey and I took a few hours to shop. I needed to get M a gift and, let's face it, shopping is just fun. So, we hit all the Provo hot spots: Plato's Closet, Down East Outfitters and Down East Outfitters Home Outlet. I got some excellent loot. Aubrey and I met up David and Joe for lunch at Pizzeria 712 - a Your Heart Out recommendation (delicious, by the way) where we saw NieNie with Lucy and Ric who were out celebrating Stephanie's birthday. Then we went hung out together for a while until I had to go home to get ready to have dinner with M and Cat. It was so fun to talk to them over our salads, muffins and pasta at Mimi's Cafe. We laughed at funny memories, shared advice and caught up. I loved it and I so wish I had taken a picture! After dinner, David and I went out with Joe and Aubrey. We rented "Lars and the Real Girl" (liked it a lot) and got some delicious gelato from Maestro's (another Your Heart Out recommendation).

The next morning, David and I set off to Pleasant Grove to get to the temple ceremony. It was lovely and, just like my own wedding, I don't remember a word the sealer said but I do remember feeling so happy for them and knowing that they love each other. It was a little weird meeting Steve for the first time after the ceremony. I gave him a hug and then he said, "You must be Liz." and I said, "Nice to meet you Steve" and we laughed a little. Funny stuff.

After the sealing, we had some time to kill before the luncheon so we headed over to Dippidee (yet, another Your Heart Out recommendation) for one of their sugar cookies and a cupcake. I was pretty disappointed since my sugar cookies are much better. The cupcake was very dry, too cold and way more frosting than necessary. Oh well. We headed over to Magelby's for the luncheon and had a good time talking to everyone.
David and I snuck away for a quick nap (more like, I napped while David watched "Scorpion King" on Joe's enormous HD plasma). I woke up rudely late and missed the reception set-up. I still feel very guilty. However, despite my assistance, the reception was lovely. M took care of every detail from the ribbon sequence (blue, green, blue, green) on the Wishing Tree centerpieces to the kind "Thank You" cards and gift that she had her mom pass out to the bridesmaids just before we lit the sparklers for their departure.

After the reception, David and I headed out to Provo Canyon with Joseph and Aubrey (and their dog, Bella) for a little campfire and S'more action. Sadly, after dousing the fire with gasoline and getting a HUGE fire started, two very grumpy park volunteers came over and demanded that we put it out because the park was closing. They were so rude that it makes my gizzards burn just thinking about it! They shoved their recycled Shasta bottle in our faces and watched us fill it with river water to kill that delightful fire. But, we refused to be deprived of our S'mores! Once we arrived back in Provo, we lit the grill and roasted those bad boys. They were delicious.

We left to come home on Sunday morning after a beautiful ski lift ride up the mountain at Sundance. It was so beautiful and nice to be in nature on such an incredible morning - a very spiritual experience. We had brunch and then set off for another 10 hours back to Arizona. Overall, we had a great time!


  1. Glad you mentioned Dippidee, I have such high standards for sugar cookies (like you) and I have a hard time believing people when they tell me that Brand Whatever has good cookies--thanks for the truth!!

  2. Hello my dear friend!!! What a fun trip! We go out of town to Idaho this thursday and wont be back till the 14th. When we get back we will get together. We miss you!!!

  3. Sounds like a fun trip. And you look amazing, Liz! Looks like your diet/exercise has been going well. :)

  4. We drove to Provo on Thursday too! Too funny! If we had discussed it, we could have planned something. We had a family reunion in Heber. It was gorgeous up there! I kept telling Mike that we so need to move. It's too hot here... :(

  5. Hi Lizzy- It was so fun to see you and David last weekend. We had a blast hanging with you guys, I don't know what we would have done you if you weren't there. I am updating my blog now just so you know, I am trying to be better! Love ya

    ps- I am steeling your pic of Mitch, I didn't get any good ones. Hope you don't mind hehe

  6. okay, liz. you look amazing. fer real.

    glad you had an amazing time. and congrats to your m.


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