June 25, 2008

gift card shopping

So, you guys, a few weeks ago I got an award at work for "Going Beyond The Expected" (my company's mantra). It was nice and I got a letter from our CEO plus a certificate stating my exceptional service . . . big woo, right? WELL, in addition to the letter and certificate, I also received a $50 gift card to the store of my choice.

The obvious choice?

Target. Duh.

So, here's my dilemma. I've found that when I receive gift cards my shopping IQ drops a few points. I buy any and everything just because it's free.

Swimsuit season sucks for just about everyone except model people. So, in the effort to look cute at the beach, I've been buying swimsuits a lot recently.

First, I bought this one from Shade but then suddenly - everyone also bought the same swimsuit and it didn't seem as cute anymore. Boo.

So, I'm liking both of these and since I already have about 7 swimsuits in my drawer right now I think I'll have enough options to find one I like.

Pros: I love tankinis and both of these have some cleavage area (i.e. padded and some deepness) which I need since I lack actual cleavage.

The blue one is a great color on me and I mean great. I also like the skinny straps on both.

Cons: The first is white . . . so is my skin. Will it make me look ghostly or will it make my skin look tanner? The latter is preferred.

Then . . .

I really need some cute dresses for work because wearing pants in the summer just plain sucks.

However, I also just bought 4 dresses (while one just ended up with ink stains on it because David didn't take his pen out of his pocket like he's used to) but they're all black with a white print on them.

So, I thought this one was pretty cute but I worry that it's too polka-dotted.

P.S. Any other ideas of cute buys from Target?


  1. Wish I could help Liz. Whenever I get giftcards from Target, I decide that I will use it to buy a cute shirt, but it usually ends up going towards laundry detergent or a birthday present that I forgot to buy for a sibling.

    For what its worth, you look so good in dark colors. But you also look great in white...wasn't your engagement pic in white???

  2. I'm just impressed you bought all that with your gift card. Or did you get it all previously? I'm a big fan of buying clothes at Target. Good choice on the store.


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