June 20, 2008

my girls

So, I seriously have some of the best friends on the planet. We try to get together monthly and had dinner together a week or two ago. It was so fun talking to them and seeing how each of my dearest friends turned into such beautiful, successful wives, mothers and women.

Suzana (left) came to the party with her little dog, Sarah, and her funny comments. Suzana always makes me laugh because she is so tiny but has so much excitement pulsing through her. It invigorates me just to be around her.

Tricia (2nd left) was the hostess of the party. Her efforts to make everyone comfortable, happy and full were accomplished and I love how she is so positive in everything she says. She makes me feel good about myself and what I can do. I'm going to miss her a lot when she and Chase move to NYC next month.

Julie (middle) always makes me laugh when I'm around her - guaranteed. Somehow, we always click on this level of being able to laugh at how silly each other's comments are. Besides that, she always inspires me with her style and ability to look put together without really trying. It's a true talent.

Ah, Kemra. I don't think I knew how much I love Kemra (2nd right) until we were well out of high school. There's something about Kemra's personality that curbs my appetite for "girl time". I often crave some serious conversation, life analyzing and pure girl talk and I know I can always count on Kemra for that. She's so bold and seemingly confident in what she does but still very humble and I've loved to see how much she's grown as a mother. It's so cool to see that in my friends!

Then, there's me (right). And we all love me - RIGHT?


  1. How fun! I had a thought about Suzanna the other day. Good to see that she's doing well. You girls are all lovely and I'm glad we have insights into each other's lives post high school. If you see Suzanna again, tell her I said hi.

  2. Oh yes - we all love you!!! I had so much fun - it is always good to get together, and I love spending time with you! Thanks for all the nice things you said!

  3. Agreed, we are amazing. Ha!

    We need to get together again before Trish leaves

  4. Okay, this makes me SO home sick. I miss you girls like no other. I bet that was so fun to get together!! Miss you!


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