June 9, 2008

making house

Last night, David and I started drafting the plans for our "someday" house. David has some skills with AutoCAD and it was fun watching him digitally build the walls of our home. He clicked and dragged my French doors into our Master Bedroom, he gave me three large windows in front of the kitchen sink overlooking a garden.
He also gave me a lovely, round breakfast nook (here: like Amanda Peet's) complete with a built-in hutch and a fireplace for dinner party ambiance (should I have a 7' round table or a 4' x 13' rectangular?) He also drew me some beautiful white cabinets, an amazing pantry idea (he's so clever) and a craft room where I can put this. While he was dealing with the technical stuff (i.e. square feet and pipes), I brought out my 4" thick binder where I've scrapped ideas for years about my dream home. My main problem with decorating ideas is consistency. While all my torn-out magazine pages are all things that I love, they're all so different. I know that I want a kitchen with a clean, white marble island and stainless steel legs. I know that I want a gas stove, lots of light and a hidden computer like this one where I can quickly look at my recipe.
(from Domino Magazine)
Basically, I feel that windows make the prettiest wall art. I feel that all shades of white, gray and blue make me feel happiest. I feel that incredible amounts of shady trees in the yard are lovely and bouquets of fresh flowers in the home are a necessity. I feel that the less decoration, the better.
We talked about where to put the nursery, how to separate the boys' closets and where to have the patio. It was fun to plan for such a far-distant (if ever) future. I don't think I can ever stop.


  1. How fun!! I have a collection too and it is all so different..mine is just a tiny folder though!!

  2. Liz, Hey this is Aubray Shelton, I don't know if you remember me or not. We were in Teen Tones together at Taylor Jr. High. I came across your blog and was pleased to see your doing well. Hope life is treating you great. Have a good one... Aubray


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