August 22, 2017

lulu is three!

My baby is three. HOW did this happen? She's technically been three for 12 weeks, but I am behind on everything in life so... expected. We had a very sweet, little party for her with some friends, the Nelsons, in our yard. It was one of the hottest days of the year here so we bought about 200 water balloons and let the kids just rock the fight, which was very entertaining.
Louisa is such a delight. She has the funniest personality and, like a typical youngest child, is always trying to make us laugh with her goofy antics. She loves to make us laugh and will say or do just about anything for attention. She LOVES to dance and puts on her daily tutu and requests dancing music on the speaker so she can twirl and leap and point her toes in the cutest way ever while we all watch her, entranced.
I love her feisty, strong will and that she knows what she wants. She is so confident and I love her so much. She's just about to start preschool (!!!!) and, while that kind of blows my mind, I know she's ready and will love it - especially now that both boys will be in school full-time.
To get ready for preschool, she had to be potty trained so I am officially diaper-free for the first time in almost eight years. It is so freeing and wonderful, but I admit, I'm a little sad that this phase of my life is over. While there's no more 3 a.m. feedings where my head is bobbing up and down in the nursery chair and I'm crying from exhaustion, there's also no more newborn baby nuzzling and gulping sounds as I nurse in that chair. I won't have any more stinky diapers to change, but I also won't get to enjoy the cutest little diaper bums waddle around the house. There are many complicated emotions as I move into this next phase. Growing and delivery babies were some of the best experiences of my life, but the post-partum phase was also some of the darkest times. I am so grateful that I have three amazing children who have made me a mother and taught me so much. Before I know it, I'll be moving on to the next phase of teenagers and dating and all the excitement / drama that comes with that. So I am relishing this short, but sweet, phase that comes between baby-free (worrying about naps, diaper changing, feedings, dependency) and teenage years (worrying about ALL the big things).
That was my long way of saying - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Louisiana / Lulie / Lulu / Goosey Lu. We love you soooooo much!


  1. She seems like she's a delight!

  2. I think they call this phase "The Golden Years," I will live vicariously through you as I navigate the teenage years (ugh!). She seems like a little spitfire, full of life and well loved. Enjoy!


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