May 25, 2017

a short vacation

We were able to use David's company's resort room on the Yakima River last month to kick off Spring Break. It was a really nice short vacation for our family. I can imagine that in the summer, this place is really pretty. We would love to go back some time during the summer when we can use the pool, go hiking and really enjoy all the outdoor activities.

While we wait for the weather to warm up full-time (we're almost there!), the kids loved throwing rocks in the rushing river and playing horse shoes. I caught some great photos of Lulu that I will cherish forever. I love her face. Aso, this girl looooooves throwing rocks in water.
And... POSE!

William picked up this hula hoop and I died laughing when I looked back at the pictures later. The sequence is just too perfect. Haha! They still make me laugh. He's such a tall boy. At 7 years old, he already comes up to my chin - and I'm 5'7"! Wilbur, I order you to stop growing!

And yes, Fritz was also there but he was upset about something and wouldn't be in any pictures while I had my camera out. It was still a great time had by all! 

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