November 3, 2016

ten years

Ten years ago today, David and I were married. Ten years. I remember being a teenager and my older siblings having their ten year anniversaries and I thought, "Wow, they are so old!" And trust me - I feel old! I feel like this is such a turning point for us. We've been through a lot together the last couple of years and I'm so grateful for his unconditional love and dedication to this marriage. It hasn't been easy but these growing pains have made us stronger.
Not a day goes by that I'm not glad to be married to this man (yes, even when I'm upset with him). He is patient and kind and positive. He encourages me and makes me feel loved. We've both grown and changed a lot over the years and I'm glad that we've grown together. I know that's not always the case but it's something I'm grateful for. Thank you for these ten years, my love. Here's to many more.


  1. Congratulations on your 10 year Anniversary!! Love your blog and watching your beautiful family grow. Thanks for sharing!


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