August 5, 2016


Can you believe that after living here for almost 2 years, we had never been to Mt. Rainier? A couple of weekends ago, David and I decided we had to go. It was such a gorgeous day at our house so we packed up the car full of sandwiches + snacks and headed out on the 3 hour drive. About 30 minutes before we got to Rainier, it started raining. Haha! We did not expect that and hadn't brought our rain jackets. Oh, how quickly we forget! We had planned to hike and get all messy so the kids are dressed rather... interestingly. But at least we didn't get wet!
Luckily, we were able to get between a few rain clouds to have our picnic. I'm still amazed at how beautiful the PNW is. Also, I love my family.
After lunch, we drove around the mountain a bit and then stopped at these waterfalls. It was really beautiful and the kids really liked the SHORT hike down, and exploring little hidden paths where they could jump across a small stream and repeat.
I love them. I can't believe they're mine. This is such a funny representation of each of their personalities.
And that's our trip to Mount Rainier. We're definitely going back. The End.

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