July 15, 2016

W I L L : end of kinder

Will finished Kindergarten and I never blogged the classic "beginning of the school year / end of the school year" picture. So, that's what this post is. He grew about a foot, lost a few teeth and learned how to read like a pro. He's reading Harry Potter by himself now (oh, my heart!) and can really even put the inflection into his reading aloud. It's really fun to hear him read in Hagrid's voice, especially. His teacher says he is a VERY strong reader and is reading significantly above grade level standards. He's also exceeding well at all his other studies and works really hard at everything he does. I'm so proud of him! Go Wilbur!


  1. He's giant!!! I miss you guys. Hugs!

  2. looking handsome! jackets and long pants! crazy that we could hardly imagine wearing those here on the the first and last days of school!


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