July 19, 2016

lulu turns two

My BABY is two! I am 70% devastated and 30% excited to have a more independent little one around the house. She makes us all so happy. She is so sweet and snuggly and funny. The boys adore her and we all just are gah-gah over her. Seeing her grow up is really fun because she's so wonderfully smart and curious. She speaks really well and has so many words! The day before her birthday, I took the kids to the mall and let them each get a cupcake to celebrate our little bunny Lulu.
She ate, like, two bites of this and then she was done. Classic.

I also took this snap of her earlier at Panera, eating her macaroni + cheese. It still makes me laugh every time I watch it.
On her real birthday, we went to our favorite burger place, Tipsy Cow, for dinner. OMG. I love that restaurant. Burgers are my favorite food so, of course, I love it. All the kids wore these little party hats to the restaurant and Lulu looked especially like a little unicorn, which made me laugh.
Then we went home and sang to her which made her very mad at first and then really happy. Raspberry cake and homemade strawberry ice cream was a great way to round off her 2nd birthday.
We love you Lulie! You're our favorite girl!


  1. She is just as sweet as she is pretty! It was so fun to see her and all of you!!!!!!

  2. Love her cute little bows. Where are they purchased?

    1. Try A Little Lady Shop! Bows are addicting!!!


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