July 11, 2016

grandmary + grandpa

My parents recently came to visit. Needless to say, they were happy to get out of the July desert heat. The PNW obliged by putting on its best summer dress and twirling in vibrant flower circles, to everyone's delight. My dad is a true, blue farm lover so we spent most of the time that they stayed at our house (the other half of the trip, they stayed at my brother's house) driving around nearby Snohomish County, looking at the beautiful farms and land.
We drove up to Swan's Trail Farm and walked around to look at the animals, even though they were closed for their summer private events. We met one of the farm workers and he invited us to watch him "run" the ducks. It was so funny! They raced down the pond trail and then waddled back into their little house. There were the CUTEST baby piglets and baby kittens, a gorgeous jersey cow, horses, chickens, goats and the kids all thought it was fabulous.
Then we headed next door and picked tons of raspberries to take home. There was also a U-Cut flower field that I was tempted to do, but it was close to lunch and the raspberries weren't cutting it for the littles.
I love to cook great, big breakfasts for my house guests. So, of course, I made maple bacon buttermilk biscuits + apricot jam, eggs + bacon with fresh berries. I have a true, abiding love for breakfast food.
Then we drove up to Kayak Beach and let the kids make driftwood forts on the beach while Lulu and David threw rocks in the Puget Sound. My dad took a nap in the car with the windows down and my mom and I sat under an umbrella and talked while we watched people pull in cages of crabs from the docks and boats. It was a perfect Seattle summer day.
Since we were near Mt. Vernon, we HAD to stop at Snow Goose Produce to get some Skagit Strawberry Ice Cream. Yes, this cone is ENORMOUS. Yes, it is 100% worth it!
Can't beat that view! After all that ice cream, we took a walk around the farm behind the market and Fritz laid on the ground and declared loudly, "I HAD TOO MUCH ICE CREAM SO I CAN'T WALK!" I had a good laugh. #lifegoals
I've said it a million times - PNW, you're gorgeous!!!!

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  1. Hello! I am a long-time follower of your blog. I love it for your recipes, beautiful decor ideas, and your heart-felt thoughts on life. Just had to comment to let you know that, indeed, I am still here, and love all these gorgeous pictures & reviews of delicious places to visit & eat at. It makes me really want to take a trip to the PNW! Thanks for the delightful read!


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